A lot of people have huge problems with mice. They are our most unwelcome guest and sadly once you get infested, it could be very difficult to get rid of them because of their high compatibility with human needs and behavior. The thing with them is that they can be anywhere, in old or new buildings and houses. They can be in the ground, basement, attic or ceiling. They are also omnivorous: they eat anything and everything from what humans eat to inedible stuffs like plastics and soaps. No wonder a lot of people have been after the best way to get rid of mice for so long. Here’s what make them a big No-No:

harmful diseases that can be caught from mice

What Mice Are and Can Do

  • eat almost anything and are very destructive.
  • when they eat food,  they also contaminate it with their urine and excrement.
  • can also bite human beings and even kill pets.
  • dig holes in the garden destroying ornaments and eat crops too.  These burrows can be near or far from their food sources.
  • gnaw papers, woods and foams as nesting materials and fire hazards like wirings, plastic and soft metals.
  • scale walls and cross telephone wires with no problem at all.
  • navigate on the water and swim expertly and survive falls up to 50 feet.
  • have as much as 80-85 young in her life span and know how to avoid predators.

Common Diseases Linked with Mice

Mice like all species of rodents carry and spread various diseases that they transmit by way of their urine, feces, fleas, by dying and being in contact with our water supplies and food. Here are some common health concerns that we know of in relation to mice which all the more concretize why we want to master the best way to get rid of mice:

  • Salmonellosis– an infection caused by the bacteria Salmonella found in raw food, soil, water and bowel movements of mice and other animals.
  • Dermatitis – a superficial inflammation of the upper layers of skin coupled with itching, inflammation, lesions, crusting or reddish bumps.
  • Fungal Infections Bacterial and yeast growth may also occur and is believed to have something to do with fungal infections, hormonal and neurological diseases.
  • Favus – also referred to as favosa, this chronic dermatophytic infection spreads through direct contact with sick persons or infected object or animals like mice.
  • Black Plague – also called bubonic plague, is a zoonotic disease that can kill about two out of three infected humans within 4 days if left untreated. This occurs in the armpit and groin and is  caused by the bite of an infected flea which is found on rodents such as rats and mice. It is coupled by chills, malaise, muscle cramps, seizures, pains, and bleeding.
  • Hantavirus a virus that infects humans through rodent bites, saliva, contact with waste products or urine.
  • Ratbite fever – an infectious disease that can be caused by infected rodents or consumption of food and water that are contaminated. Symptoms include rash, fever, vomiting, headache, muscle and joint pains.
  • Leptospirosis – an infection that is transmitted when unhealed breaks in the skin comes in contact with water that is contaminated with animal urine. It starts with flu-like symptoms that would later be characterized by meningitis, liver damage as well as renal failure.

know the best way to get rid of mice

Aside from all these, are other diseases such aslyme disease, rickettsialpox, lymphocytic, tapeworm and choriomeningitis. With all these scary diseases, would you also want to know the best way to get rid of mice?