Looking good is not an option for most people due to the lifestyles and daily working environments that most of us are faced with. One of the sure ways of ensuring that you look stunning and smart for various occasions is by purchasing one of the modern suit styles available in all fashion stores all over the globe. Here are some of the top modern suits styles that you can use to gloom yourself even better.

timeless nathan bogle suit jacket

Single Breasted Suits

This modern suit styles are available in two broad categories namely;

  • Sleek cut suit which has a medium to slim sized V-shaped shawl or lapel. It also has an upper button that should always be buttoned around the navel. One can also use the breast pocket to carry accessories but this may compromise the look unless advised otherwise by a professional stylist.
  • The confidence cut modern suit styles is another option under this category. This is very similar to the sleek cut to but vary due to its peaked lapels and ability to reveal more male physique.

Double Breast Suits

This style is very popular among Italian suit designers due to its unique ability to show off more skin. Its V-Shape is perfect for someone with a well worked body but that doesn’t necessarily mean that there are restrictions on who can wear it. As you select a double breast suit be sure to ensure that the breast pocket is enough to fit a pocket handkerchief. The lapels should be well peaked and longer up to the waist line so as to enhance your height.

Three Piece Suit

This is one of the modern suit styles that have made a major come back to most people’s wardrobes. The waistcoat need to be cohesive enough and matching with other fabrics used to make the other two suit pieces. The V-shape on quality waistcoats should break between the rib cage base and the sternum. Note that no matter the kind of modern Zegna suits styles that you choose to wear, ensure that they match with the occasion and your body size so as to avoid looking out of place or too conspicuous.

gentleman style in nice black suit

Sack Suit Cut Style

Unlike most of the men modern suit styles that seem to enhance give men a more masculine look, sack suit cut which is also referred to as neo-sack suit has a much slimmer waist and rolled shoulders. This modern suit style is perfect for virtually all people but this fact relies heavily on one’s personal taste and preferences.

Other important considerations that need to be factored in the selection process include material and price. Ensure that the material used for example wool is off high quality so as to get value for the money. Suits made from high quality materials are more durable as compared to the low quality suits that usually lose their shape and style within a short span of time.

Quality suits may be more expensive but considering the long term benefits this is just a small price to pay hence price factor should not be considered solely. Incorporating modern suits styles in your wardrobe is the best way to look good and perfect as you attend various events.