When it comes to cycling parts and accessories, Shimano is famous around the world. This is easy to see with the number of Shimano 105 pedals review listings available on the Internet. With a full line of pedals, brakes, grips, shifts and other products available, Shimano parts are a popular way to get the most from your bicycle. The Shimano 105 pedals offer the performance and reliability of professional clipless racing pedals at a price that is affordable to even the most casual of bicycling enthusiasts.

top graded shimano PD R540 road clipless SPD SL pedal

Features And Benefits Of Shimano 105 Pedals

  • Lightweight Materials: This means less weight on the bike and easier power transfer during grueling races or casual rides.
  • Low-Profile Design: By reducing the size of the pedals and moving the pedal axle closer to the center of the shoe, Shimano 105 pedals provide increased power transfer and the ability to push through tight corners.
  • Wide-Body Design: The wide pedal face of Shimano 105 pedals provides great power in high-torque hill climbs while allowing the pedal to feel firm and connected during high cadence riding sessions.
  • Large Cleat Engagement Area: This makes the Shimano 105 road pedals simple to engage or disengage from smooth transitions from walking to riding. The engagement area also helps to guide the cleat into place for easy use and adjustment.
  • Clipless Design: This design offers maximum flexibility for riding enjoyment. Should you want a casual ride or forget your shoes, you can still use the pedals comfortably.

shimano PD R540 road clipless SPD SL pedal

  • Cleats Included With Pedals: Many pedals require you to match your shoes to your pedals. Shimano 105 pedals include cleats designed to interface with the pedal perfectly. Simply attach them to your shoes and you are ready to ride.
  • Sealed Axles: The sealed axles on the Shimano 105 clipless pedals provide a nearly maintenance free performance solution. Bearings stay fluid and smooth, balance is maintained and performance is optimal without the need for frequent lubrication, cleaning or repacking.
  • Adjustable Cleat Tension: From a soft tap to a firm push, you can adjust both the entry and release tension of the cleat engagement to suit your preferences and riding style.

shimano 105 SPD-SL road pedal

Factors To Consider In Choosing A Bike Pedal

Choosing the proper bicycle pedal can be difficult. From cleat style to pedal weight, there are numerous factors to consider. If you need help choosing the ideal pedals for your cycling style, consider these tips:

  • Pedal Design

Flat petals offer the ability to fit most bicycles and provide maximum compatibility with footwear. However, these pedals often result in decreased efficiency during performance cycling. Caged designs offer improved performance but must fit the shoe properly for safe use. Clip designs offer improved safety and security. However, many clips require specialized shoes or cleats to function safely and properly. Clipless designs provide the performance enhancing traits of the clip designs while allowing you to use removable cleats.

  • Pedal Size

In most cases, wider pedals provide greater power transfer. However, they can also add weight to your bike. Choosing a pedal that is wider than your foot provides little benefit. For optimal performance, choose a pedal that is the same width as the ball of your foot.

high quality shimano 105 PD-5700 road pedal

Observe these tips to maximize your performance in every challenge.