The most common furniture pieces that would go to the patio or porch are the patio dining set or dinettes. Aside from providing an area for outdoor meals, they can also be used to receive guests, hold meetings, or a place where a family member can simply relax and enjoy the outdoor view. Since they are situated outside the house, they are usually crafted from tougher materials that can withstand heat, water, or ice. Most of these dining sets can also be placed by the garden or the yard. There are dining sets suitable for a small family and there are also those that can accommodate more members or guests like the 9 piece patio dining set.

venice 5-piece patio dining set

Common Inclusions in a Complete Patio Dining Set

Whether it is a 9, 7, or a 5 piece patio dining set, they are usually comprised of the following components. Some of the parts may individually be purchased, but it is better to choose and buy them per set for uniformity and ease in deciding.

  • Dining Table. The dining table is the centerpiece of any patio dining set. The table usually determines the size and capacity of the entire furniture set. The larger ones can accommodate additional seats while the smaller ones are limited to only a few. The smallest sizes of these tables are commonly termed as dinette tables. To fit the environment outside the house, patio dining tables are usually made out of casted iron, metal, stainless steel, or perhaps hardwood. There are also tables made out of durable plastic that are sold for less.
  • Dining Chairs. The next major components of the set are the dining chairs. When they are manufactured as complete set, the chairs usually follow the design and style of the dining table. They are also crafted from the same material. These items usually have simple and plain designs but are toughly built, also to cope up with the requirements of the external environment.
  • Seat Cushions. To provide comfort to the stiff and hard chairs when used, complementary seat cushions come with every patio dining set. Patio set cushions are stuffed with high-density foams or perhaps, polyfill material. The covers are also crafted from tough leather-like fabric that is resistant to the UV rays, weathering, and are more durable.
  • Patio Umbrella. When the dining set is placed in decks or the garden, added protection from the sunlight can be provided using patio umbrellas. These umbrellas are large enough to provide shade to the entire area or size of the patio dining set or table. Beach umbrellas can also be used for the round-type dining sets.

providence 7-piece patio dining set

Popular Brands

Almost all furniture manufacturers have their own line of patio furniture or dining sets, but the popularly sold ones are those designs made by Martha Stewart, Atlantic Pli, Vista, Coral Gables, Seville, and most brands that large supermarkets like Target, Wal-Mart and other home depots carry and sell.

pation dining 7pc grand regent rockers

Shopping and Usage Tips

  • Prior to buying a set, it is a must to assess the right size that would go to your patio or garden. Among the factors to consider include the number of family members, the size of your patio, deck, or garden. Smaller sets usually comprise of only 3 pieces while the largest ranges up to 9 pieces. The mid-range sets are the 7 piece patio dining set.
  • Choose a particular design suitable to the style of your home or garden. Those made out of bamboo, wicker or rattan have unique and beautiful designs.
  • For a more natural look, a patio dining set crafted from wood or any other natural building materials is ideal. But if you are more concerned with durability and longevity of use, hardwood, metal and plastic are the materials you should opt.
  • Complementary cushions should also be sturdy and firm.
  • And make provisions for an umbrella if you’re planning to place the dining set in a sunlight-exposed part of the patio, porch, or garden.

kontiki 9-piece round patio dining set


Enjoy a relaxed atmosphere with your patio dining set. Check your nearest Home Appliance center now and talk to a product specialist to get great deals.