Kitchen faucets are a necessity because these are used frequently in every home. The faucet comes in a variety of styles and functions. There are faucets with separate spout for hot and cold water, while some faucets have a simple design and features. Those who want to purchase the best faucet should consider their preference in the functioning of the item. They might want to purchase an oil rubbed bronze kitchen faucet that comes with contemporary features.

Top 4 Types of Kitchen Faucets and their Features

There are also several other types of faucet available in stores such as the following:

1. Disc Faucet

A disc faucet has washerless features, just like several modern faucet types. It comes with a single handle that manages the flow and temperature of water. The faucet operates with the use of double discs found inside the valve. These discs close and open to control the flow of cold and hot water. Disc faucets may appear like some of the designs of the cartridge and ball faucets. However, a disc faucet has maximum sturdiness that does not make it prone to leaks.

Among the great benefits offered by the faucet type are:

  • Contemporary style
  • Simple operation and functioning
  • Not susceptible to leaks

high standard Disc Faucet

2. Cartridge Faucet

This type of faucet may have one or two handles for cold and hot water. A cartridge faucet comes with a side-to-side motion in the control of water flow. It has a similarity with disc faucets because of the controls in the flow of water. Unlike the other faucet types, a cartridge faucet comes with a very durable O-shaped ring in the valve. The ring prevents horizontal and vertical motion in the valve of the faucet.

Many people can expect these benefits in using cartridge faucets:

  • Durability and reliability of the faucet
  • Options for single or double handles
  • Prevention of leaks

simple design and durable Cartridge Faucet

3. Compression Faucet

The faucet operates because of the compression on the washer against the valves located at the base. This is one of the oldest types of faucet because of the simple features. There are separate knobs that control the flow of cold and hot water. Those who opt for a user-friendly faucet choose to purchase a compression faucet for their kitchen. However, the faucet is prone to develop leaks after several years.

The benefits of using compression faucets include:

  • Inexpensive price of the faucet
  • Ease in finding different styles and design
  • Separate knobs for cold and hot water

4. Ball Faucet

This faucet type has one spout and handle. The handle is located at the top portion of a metal ball that allows the ideal control and temperature of the water. Ball faucets operate like disc faucets because of the washerless feature of the unit.

The excellent benefits of ball faucets are:

  • Single handle and spout
  • Produces the ideal mix of cold and hot water
  • Does not develop leaks

The different types of faucet give people several options on the best faucet that they can install in their kitchen. Each type comes with benefits and drawbacks, and it is important for people to consider these factors before they purchase a faucet type.