Winters can be very harsh and protecting yourself from the cold can be an ordeal. You won’t be able to find peace in the comforts of your house because of the huge drop in temperature during winters. This is why home heating systems have become very popular in the recent years. Many people however worry about the costs associated with these home heating systems and resort to the harder ways of staying away from cold such as wearing more layered clothing even at home or simply coping up with the cold.

You don’t have to worry about costs anymore because there are different home heating systems available in the market today that are definitely within your budget. Here are a few types and how they work so that you know which one to choose to beat the cold every winter.

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  • The furnace: This system draws the air in the house and redelivers it after purifying it and eliminating particles such as dust and dirt. The air passes through a filter and is heated, as well as, purified. Furnaces have different types based on the fuel used. The fuels could be wood, coal, oil, electricity or gas.
  • Radiant baseboard heat: This system contains metal units which have electrical elements in them. All these metal units are elongated and are controlled separately. The controls allow you to set the system from low to high but the drawback is that you will not know the temperature of a particular room. These can be used as the only heat source for the entire house. This is usually expensive among the various types of home heating systems.
  • Electric heat pump: This home heating system works on a simple principle of mixing heat from different areas of the house and then circulating hot air throughout. The warmth could come from the ground water, the surface, the earth or from the outdoors. If the air being circulated is cool even after mixing, the system can work to heat it up more. This system also contains metal vents and filters just like the furnaces do. The advantage of using these pumps is that they can also be used as air conditioners when it is warm.
  • Radiant heat panels: These home heating systems are generally installed in the floors or in the ceilings but there are also options to install them on the walls. These panels use hot water to heat the air. This is the reason why they are also termed as hydronic heating systems. The panels have boilers that heat the water which flowers through units or pipes.

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These are the various types of home heating systems that you could pick from for your house. Choose the right one with the best quality and that would fit in your budget. Give yourself and your loved ones the comfort and warmth of your house during cold and wintery seasons.