Looking for food grinding equipment but feel a bit lost on where to start shopping?

Then you’ve come to the right source. There are different grinders designed for various processes and food types. It comes down to you knowing the types of foods or grains you’ll be processing and the volume you expect.

high quality electric meat grinder

Types of food grinders and their uses

There are numerous types of food grinding equipment on the market today.

  • Electric meat grinder – These are great for the home user. If you’re going to do some basic food grinding at home then you’ll be delighted to find that approximately $400 can buy you a highly durable electric meat grinder.
  • Herbal grinder – The simplest form of grinder. This food grinding equipment is as simple as two separate, hand-held metal circular halves with blades or pegs inside. When you place herbs between the halves and twist you can grind them up.
  • Grain millers – For commercial processes and even cereal production, this food grinding equipment is on the industrial grade side.
  • Blade grinder – This is your basic blade cutter grinder. It is good for all-purpose grinding and is easily accessible in multiple forms for the casual food processor.
  • Flaking mill – For the oil seed industry these systems help process pre-broken seeds.

Maintenance tips

What good is a fancy grinder if you don’t keep on top of its maintenance? If you want to maximize the useful service life of your food grinding equipment then some basic care is required. Follow the maintenance tips below to ensure you get the most out of your grinders.

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  1. Routine cleaning – After heavy use, make sure you wash down your food grinding equipment. The grease and different bacteria that can form as result of food residue can be harmful to one’s health if left to fester.
  2. Store in a dry area – Preventive maintenance dictates that you store your grinder in a cool and dry place.
  3. Wash by hand – Whenever possible, wash the grinder including the blades by hand. Sometimes soap and water will need multiple applications to get the food grinding equipment clean. Drying the unit is just as important as standing water will promote rusting and insect attention.
  4. Manufacturer’s suggestions – Follow all suggested maintenance schedules in your owner’s manual. If you do not have the manual then use common sense for repair and replacement of worn pieces. Any mechanical/moving parts should be routinely dry run, tested, and inspected for compromised integrity.