There are, literally, hundreds of different types of floor mats in the world . One of the types of floor mats most of us, at one time or another, have encountered if we’ve spent any time in the gym are:

  • Rubber Mats

Also known as sport exercise mats. Rubber matting should be used in fitness mat areas where the potential for weights dropping is a concern. Rubber flooring should always be glued down to achieve the very best results. If you want to protect your floors, then rubber mats are the best mats to use for exercise flooring-especially if you’re using primarily free weights.

  • All Weather Floor Mats

    These types of floor mats are primarily designed for vehicles. Husky Floor Mats, for example, are designed for sport utility vehicles and pickups to protect the carpeted areas of the vehicle.One of the benefits of husky floor mats for your vehicle is that they’re digitally engineered to fit, exactly, the complex contours of your sport utility vehicle’s carpeted floor space.

best reliable husky floor mats

  • Aluminum Floor Mats

    A couple types of aluminum floor mats are foot grilles made of aluminum and roll-up mats aluminum. These are used primarily for
    commercial flooring installations. One thing to keep in mind when considering investing in an aluminum foot grille is that a new foot grille can cost, as much as, $60 per square foot. Aluminum foot grilles are quite known for being very sturdy and are one of the commercial mat systems that aren’t easily damaged.

  • Salon And Spa Anti-fatigue Mats

    These types of floor mats are, somewhat, similar to the husky floor mats for sport utility vehicles and pickups. Most of them are digitally designed to protect the flooring of the salon. Most are also designed to encompass, both, comfort and durability while accommodating the aesthetics of just about any salon.

different types of floor mats

  • Entrance Mats

    These types of floor mats are most often used for
    residential homes, restaurants, hotels, offices, actually, pretty much everywhere. They’re used, primarily, to keep dirt and water out as people step into the facility. They also add to the overall aesthetics of the facility. There are many different types of entrance mats. There are those that focus on design while others focus on functionality.

  • Interior Mats

    These particular types of floor mats are
    used indoors and are, most often, found in high-traffic areas. They’re usually found in walkways, near counters and stands and are designed to aid in the comfort of folks who have to stand on their feet for long periods of time. In addition to acting as an anti-fatigue mat, they’re also designed, again, much like the husky floor mats, to protect the floors from dirt and moisture.

One thing to always keep in mind when considering purchasing an interior floor mat, is to ensure that the mat will, effectively, hold water and soil, so as not to leak onto the floor. Not all interior mats are created equal so be sure to do your due-diligence before buying. Actually, this can be said of all the different types of floor mats listed here.