Fasteners are important accessories for almost all kinds of things. We spend most of our time putting things together. For example, the zippers and buttons on our shirts keep our clothes close together. The latches in our doors to keep them shut. You can find numerous types of fasteners used in our daily life. We need them to keep two separate things closer together. You can definitely find many of them but are just unaware of them. Life will surely be difficult without them. Not convinced? Imagine a house without nails. One hard blow of the wind and everything will be out of place.

quick release clevis pin with spring and key ring

Common Kinds of Fasteners

So, here are some common types of fasteners we see every day in our house.

1.)    Zippers:

This type of fastener is used for putting together the edges of any fabrics. They are common in bags, clothes, gear and other fabric items. Zipper has two strips in the fabric tape. Each will be linked together to be joined as one. It consists of teeth that can either be plastic or metal. When a slider is moved forward or backward, they either open or close together.

2.)    Nails:

When it comes to wood works and construction, nails are vital things that should be present. These objects are sharp, made of hard metals and pin in shape.  Nails are driven by hammers or any nail gun to hold two materials.

3.)    Clamps:

Clamps are another one of the common types of fasteners used for holding two objects securely. This is for the things to be prevented from moving or from being separated. This tool is used only for temporarily positioning of the materials together while constructing something.

4.)    Buttons:

This small fastener is used for garments or fashion designing. Mostly this tool is made of plastics and often attached on the edges of clothes. They can also be found on bags and wallets as designs. Buttons work by sewing them to the fabric and slip through a button hole to hold two edges together.

5.)    Pins:

These fasteners are used to hold objects or materials together. They are usually made from brass, steel or copper. They are made of different forms, the most common of which are the safety pins and pin heads we see in households. There is also the clevis pin, which is common in construction.

everbilt zinc- plated universal clevis pin

Here are the few common types of fasteners we use often in our daily life. Now you know what are the different fasteners and their uses.