Designer jean looks chic and stylish. It is great fashion denim with unique and classy styles. Unlike other regular denim, this type of jean is costly. Yet, this made the jeans implicitly appealing and worth the investment. Aside from this, designer jean is made from a high quality fabric unlike other denims. Women and men are most likely to invest on this type of jean because not only it is comfortable to wear but the fit and style are just right to their taste.

mens dark vintage straight fit jeans

Styles of Designer Jeans

There are several styles of designer jeans. The following are:

Boot Cut Jeans – are slightly flared bottom jeans and perfect for those who have pear shapes body. This style is intended to be paired with boots. Women can wear stilettos to pair it with their boot cut jeans.

Straight Fit Jean – Like Evisu jeans, the style of this jean has the same width at the top to bottom. Straight fit denim is great to wear as one of the urban clothing especially for the men. Laced up shoes and slim jacket are ideal match for this type of jean.

Skinny Jean – This jean style makes hips appear wider. It has a slender cut that add curves to the hips and at the buttocks. This is best for the women with boyish body shape. The good thing of wearing skinny jeans is that you can wear almost any types of shoes and flats.

Capris – have perfect fit for everyone. Shorter people must wear capri that has a length that fall above the knee.

Low Rise Jean – it has design wherein it assembles on the lower part your hips. This is best wear by the teenagers and those who have slim and lean figures.

Trousers Jean – is almost similar with the boot cut jeans. It has dark color and broad waistline. The hem is much wider than the boot cut jeans. It elongates your legs much more if you pair it with high heeled shoes.

contemporary skinny jeans for women

Nowadays, skinny jeans are the most fashionable jeans for the women. Moreover, the straight fit jean is trendy for the men. However, all styles of the designer jeans are stylish. It will never be outmoded since everyone has different body figures. This body figures require specific style of the jeans that will best fit and will look great when wearing them. It is easy to buy designer jeans. You can buy them through online such as Ebay or Amazon or you can shop to any stores near you.