Do you want to smell like Jessica Simpson? Actually, even though the perfumes are named after celebrities, they do not reflect of what they really smell in reality. These celebrities though choose the particular smell that they like and it is up to the manifacturer or company to market the scent under these celebrities’ names. One of the most popular celebrity scents is the Jessica Simpson perfume scents. As a well-known celebrity, it is also expected that her perfumes will hit big in the market. Jessica Simpson has four types of perfumes that have become common to women.

Popular Jessica Simpson Perfume Scents

  • Fancy Perfume for Women: This scent is mostly known as flirtatious, sensual and memorable. This perfume has a woody fragrance that is very feminine and alluring. It has delectable scents that are infused with pears, red berries and apricot. This perfume was launched in year 2008.

heavenly jessica simpson perfume scents

  • Fancy Love Perfume for Women: Its smell is known as alluring, irresistible and sensual. This perfume is inspired by those people who are madly and deeply in love. The perfume is about seduction and the energy made from Goji leaves, peach blossom, jasmine, lotus, peony, Turkish rose and pink Champaign. To add warmth and comfort to this scent, creamy amber with musk and patchouli is added.
  • Fancy Night Perfume for Women: This is one of the Jessica Simpson perfume scents that has become popular because it is the most sensual, sexy and provocative compared to the others. This is good for young women who want to attract attention from boys without overdoing things. The bottle is designed dark green to exude a beautiful and dark sensation.
  • I Fancy You Perfume for Women: This is a new perfume released in year 2011 after the original one that is released in year 2008 called Fancy. The I Fancy You has a musky, soft and very velvety scent. It has a light blue bottle which is very cute with heart shaped designs.

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These are some popular Jessica Simpson perfume scents you can buy in the market. But as you can see, it is not just the perfume scents that become popular under the Jessica Simpson name. You can also find many beautiful and trendy Jessica Simpson dresses in the market. These dresses are best for any formal or casual occasions. They can be your outfit when going out on a date, too. Imagine yourselft wearing a Jessica Simpson dress and a Jessica Simpson perfume! That would be a best combination and a great way to express your love for the Jessica Simpson brand. You can buy them on your local stores and they are also widely available in the internet today.