Bed sheets are available in different types and styles. The fabric used in making the bed sheets affects the overall appearance and texture of the bedding. Consumers can find numerous kinds of sheets at the linen section in malls.

Before they decide to purchase a particular bed linen, they should understand the fabrics used for bed sheets. They will find the ease in choosing the perfect linen when they are aware of the features of the fabric. To help you in choosing what fabrics to buy, here is a guide on the different fabrics used for bed sheets.

softest cotton bed sheets




Many of the softest sheets available in stores use cotton material. The most popular types of this fabric are the Egyptian cotton and its cheaper alternative, the Pima cotton.

  • Egyptian Cotton: Many people are fond of bed sheets made from Egyptian cotton because of the luxurious texture. The thread count of this cotton type is higher than the other kinds of cotton or fabric. From 200 to 400-thread count, consumers can experience the finest texture of bed sheets made from Egyptian cotton. Because of the sophisticated appeal of this type of cotton, bed sheets with such fabric are very expensive.
  • Pima Cotton: Pima cotton comes from a variety of fibers located in Peru, Australia, and the western parts of the United States. The fiber length is longer than Egyptian cotton and sheets made from Pima cotton have affordable and inexpensive prices.


This excellent fabric is a favorite choice of people during the winter season.

  • Flannel bed sheets are very cozy and warm because of the weight and texture of the material.
  • The fabric is a combination of different types of cotton.
  • The quality of flannel sheets is measured based on the material used per square yard of the fabric.
  • For those who plan to purchase bed sheets with this fabric, they should consider getting flannel with four ounces and above per square yard.


Those who prefer silky bed sheets decide to purchase linens made from satin. The two types of satin sheets are knitted and woven.

  • Knitted satin bed sheets: These sheets appear shiny and soft, but the texture is not as smooth as woven satin.
  • Woven satin bed sheets: For optimum comfort, people prefer woven satin sheets even when the bedding does not have that shimmering look.


The best feature of this bed sheet is the superior comfort that it provides. Many consumers are fond of Jersey bed sheets because of the durability and practicality of the linens.

  • The sheets use knitted cotton, just like the material used in most T-shirts made from cotton.
  • These sheets do not peel, and they can be stretched to fit mattresses.
  • They may not offer warmth like flannel does, but Jersey bed sheets are more comfortable than ordinary cottons.

muslin bed sheets


Most bedding for children use muslin bed sheets with colorful prints that add beauty to the entire room.

  • This type of fabric is cotton-based with a maximum of 300-thread count.
  • Many people appreciate the durability and economical value of the sheets.
  • However, the fabric is not very soft, as compared to the other types of cotton.

The numerous types of fabric offer interesting appeal to bed sheets. It is important for consumers to analyze their expectations in a product before they decide to purchase any bed sheet fabric and brand.