Denim jeans are the most popular clothing option for men and women. Men and women wear denim because it is comfortable to wear. Aside from that, denims can be worn as casual to formal attires and others in between as long as it is paired right. It’s also seldom for jeans to require ironing, most are simply wash-and-wear kind of jean which most like a lot. Hence, there are a lot of denims available today based on the kind of fabric used in making them. Know some of them below:

maurizio pecoraro flared cotton denim

Different Jean Fabrics

Cotton Denim- This kind of denim is made of 100% cotton. This type of fabric is smooth and soft. This type of denim is made from strong thread that is best for absorbency, durability and color retention.

Raw Denim – It is unwashed fabric. It is stiff and durable. If washed several times, it fades creating natural distressed appearance. Most prominent distressed appearance occurs on the upper thighs, ankles and behind the knees.

Selvage Denim – it is a type of raw denim. It comes from shuttle looms. Shuttle loom is a narrow fabric. Since it is narrow, the fabric is longer than any other denim fabric. Moreover, selvage denim does not ravel at the edge.

Stretch Denim – this type of denim is integrated with elastic material called elastane or spandex.

Poly Denim – It is a light weighted which is easier to wash and dry. This type of denim is also resistant to wrinkling.

Ramie Denim – this type of denim is incorporated with fibers from the ramie plant. It is like a cotton denim and poly denim wherein it is soft like cotton and also resistant or reduces wrinkling.

regular girls ramie denim pants

Since jeans are common clothing such as Evisu jeans and it can easily be seen in any department stores and malls near you, still it is hard to identify what material or fabric it is being made with a simple look. To identify the fabric or material of the denim, simply look for the tag or label inside of the denim. Usually, the tags are located at buttocks part, upper part edges and even at the zipper line of the jeans.

Some of the jeans are made from the combination of two or more different fabrics. For you to be sure that you are wearing the jeans made from your preferred fabric, you can simply look and buy the fabrics or material you want and you can start to make your own jeans.