Gold is one of the most precious metals that we have in this world. It has found its ways in fashion and is commonly worn as an accessory to enhance beauty. Men have not been left behind in all this. There are mens gold chains which is a very convenient way to enhance their looks. It is common to see male celebrities sporting different types of mens gold chains. One tricky thing other than knowing how to wear your gold chains is shopping for it. This is because fake gold chains exist and you have to be careful when shopping if you want to get an original piece of this precious metal.

There are different styles of mens gold chains available that you can get. Listed below are some of the designs to choose from.

Designs Of Mens Gold Chainsstylish mens gold chains

  • Figaro Chain

This has one large link and several other smaller links. Links can either be flattened or oval and it all depends with what your personal preference would be. This is one heavy type of chain and the most preferred types are Figaro mens 14k gold chains.

  • Rope Design

The rope design resembles a rope just as its name suggests. This particular type of necklace chain looks like two strands of rope that have been twisted together and normally has a spaced pattern.

  • Box Design

The box design is made up of square boxes of equal sizes fitted together by alternating their positions. They are very fashionable and a cute type of gold chain for men.

  • Mariner Design

mens white gold  franco chains

The mariner design is more like a loop. This loop comes in different styles such as the curb and Cuban link as well as the thicker raised style.

Once you get to know the various styles and designs of mens gold chains in the market, the only thing left is for you to know how to wear your gold chain to get the perfect look.

Wearing Tips

  • Choose the necklace design that will go well with what you plan to wear. Also, keep in mind the occasion that you are going to attend. Mens white gold chains can fit most of men’s clothing and so it can be a great consideration.

  • Have gender considerations on your mind. It would look weird for a lady to wear a ball chain necklace in a formal occasion. Men should go for necklaces that extend only up to their necklines.

  • Choose a gold necklace that can go with contrasting colors, for instance white gold mens chains can be a perfect choice for any outfit.