In an attempt to create uniformity and order, classifications are made. This way all processes are done systematically and increase the chances of innovations and discovery. When you think about perfumes, it seems like the fragrances will never end and this fact is true. Ever since perfume was discovered there have been numerous attempts to make a perfume classification. But with the ever changing mixtures, grouping perfumes will take a while to reach a final process.

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Traditional – First Attempt of Perfume Classification

Perfume classification was first attempted around 1900 by the use of olfactive family. This means that as much as possible the classification will be based on the closest scent of a certain established group. Here are the following categories.

  • Single Floral – the scent that is dominant will be coming from a particular flower.
  • Floral Bouquet – the fragrance is coming from several combinations of flowers.
  • Oriental – this is a wide category of fragrance. This starts from the scents of ambergris and labdanum then has a mixture of flowers, woods, tonka bean and vanilla.
  • Wood – scents that comes from or dominated by wood fragrances.
  • Leather – this category of perfume classification will have to feature tobacco, honey and wood tars scents that alludes the scent of leather.
  • Chypre – a French name for Cyprus, this fragrance consists of oakmoss, bergamot, labdanium and patchouli.
  • Fougere – a French name for fern, the scent is based on the scent of coumarin, lavender and oakmoss. There are many men’s fragrance belong to this category.

Modern Perfume Classification

By the year 1945, there have been vast developments of perfume creation thus prompting a modern perfume classification. Technology plays a significant part such as synthesis and compound design. The modern scents have created a new category and they are:

  • Bright Floral – this is simply the combination of the single and floral bouquet from the traditional perfume classification.
  • Greenan interpretation of the Chypre category with more scents coming from cut grass, cucumber-like scents and crushed green.
  • Aquatic – this is the newest category discovered in 1991 that generally contains calone, a scent discovered in 1966.
  • Citrusconsists of eu de colognes mostly, this is an old fragrance family that comes primarily from citrus scents.
  • Fruity – with the exception of citrus, this category features the aromas coming from fruits.
  • Gourmand – the components are designed to resemble various food flavors that have edible qualities.

The perfume making industry is vast and only a few are considered experts. Aside from traditional and modern perfume classification, there has been another classification that is called a fragrance wheel. The fragrance wheel is better understood when you look on its circular diagram.

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The fragrances that are being discovered helps improve the mood of the person wearing it. Happy perfume from Clinique is a good example that resembles a bright and sunny morning or of joy. This perfume can be worn by anyone regardless of gender and age. However, if you are planning to use a perfume to your advantage then the best option to start is by going to perfume houses and ask any questions that you can think will help you get the right fragrance.