The Detecto scales are a line of scales produced by the Detecto Company that has been around since the 1900s and this company was founded by the Jacobs Brothers. The line of Detecto scales are designed to be used in bakeries, butcher shops, stores, and clinics and these scales are also available in counter models and hanging models as well. The Detecto scales company are now owned by Cardinal Scales Company as they bought out the company in 1981. However, the Cardinal Detecto scales company maintains its original location in Webb City Missouri.

dependable digital detecto scales

The line of Detecto scales are made to weigh any objects that weight less than 5,000 pounds and the Detecto medical scales are the ones that are used in most doctor’s office. Also, if you have ever been to the supermarket and has weighed anything, then it’s possible that you have used a Detecto scale. While the line of Detecto scales were built using a mechanical weighing system in the earlier days, today the most popular Cardinal Detecto scales are built to be digital. These digital Detecto scales are more accurate than the mechanical ones, they are quicker, easier to use, and also much more dependable.

Detecto scales are very useful and are available for various uses. These are beautifully designed and the vintage Detecto scales are very popular to collectors these days. If you are a collector of antique Detecto scales then you will be happy to know that there are numerous restorers that you can find to bring your antique Detecto scale back to its former glory.

The brands that are made today by the Detecto line are much better than the ones made earlier and the Detecto scale calibration today supersedes their predecessors. These newer Detecto scales are used by most hospitals and clinics and they are normally chosen by the range of options available and their accuracy.

accurate detecto scale calibration

You will find a pedestal scale, one that a patient is made to stand on, in a triage room and your weight is easily recorded. There are also the wheelchair models that are built in-floor to assists persons that are in wheelchairs. There are also portable wheelchair models that the patients are rolled onto to be weighed. These Detecto scales are portable based on the fact that they can be easily relocated, simply by folding the platform and moving it to where you want it to go.

The Detecto line is wide and you can find a scale in their line for basically any and every purpose. Therefore, if you are thinking about getting a new scale, you may want to consider looking into Detecto scales.