Identifying and rectifying common tire and wheel problems is one of the sure ways of ensuring your safety and maximizing the durability of your vehicle. Here is a list of some of the common tire related problems as well as the most appropriate solutions to rectify them.

Over Inflation– Functioning of tires relies heavily on the air pressure in the tires. Too much pressure results in reduced stability. If not adjusted timely, accidents may ensue should the tires explode. Excessive pressure raises outer edges of the tire off the road surface resulting in significant increased wear at the centre of the thread. A professional technician can identify this problem by identify the wearing patterns easily through sampling of the tread depth at the centre and shoulders along the circumference of the tire. On the other hand, tires with the right air pressure usually get worn out evenly across the tire. One of the best ways of solving these common tire and wheel problems is by reducing the air pressure to the recommended level.

check your tire for over inflation

Out of Alignment– This is perhaps one of the most common tire and wheel problems resulting from distorted wheel alignment. One of the common repercussions to this problem entails uneven and increased wearing out which in turn boost chances of getting accidents as a result of reduced control of the vehicle. Increased wearing out may also increase maintenance costs since one has to purchase new tires and wheels to replace the worn out sooner. The definite solution to this problem is having the wheel aligned correctly by renowned experts who have all the skills and experience required to align Metzeler tires.

Tire Bursting– Apart from over inflation, there are a number of reasons why tires and wheels may explode. Most of the quality tires have threads at the bead which comprehensively protects the side parts of a wheel. A wrong operation such as driving at neck-breaking speed can destroy the thread stone resulting in a tire burst. Other causes of a tire burst include sharp objects such as nails hence it is important be cautious of the condition of the road surfaces you drive on. Another solution that can help to prevent this problem is by driving at the right speed and servicing the tires regularly. Removing the sharp objects that may have caused this common tire and wheel problems followed by a comprehensive repair can help avoid the situation from recurring.

tire bursting the common tire problem

Under-Inflation – As the name suggests, this problem refers to a scenario whereby the tires have inadequate air pressure. In most cases this problems is caused by leaks on the tire threads as a result of non-maintenance. Downside effects of driving in this kind of situation are that one experience significant fuel inefficiency as well as build up of heat in the tires. It may also aggravate rate at which the tires wear out. The solution to this problem is using a pressure gauge to check the amount of pressure. In case the results indicate low air pressure, it’s advisable to increase the pressure to the recommended level.

Fortunately all common tire and wheel problems can be amicably resolved using the right equipment and seeking the help of professionals hence there is no excuse for not maintaining your car tires regularly.