Sliding glass doors, just like the name suggests, are doors that are made of glass that is movable. These doors consist of 2 to 4 panels, where one is fixed and the other is movable or two are fixed and the other two are movable. The type chosen will depend on the preferences of the home owner. Exterior sliding glass doors are the most common sliding doors used in homes. These doors not only provide allow you access to your yard or porch but also allow light to enter brightening the room.

easy to install sliding glass door


Sliding glass doors find applications in various places not only as doors leading to the inside or outside of your home. Other areas where they are used include:

  • Making of cupboard doors – Glass doors are preferred over wooden doors as they allow people to see what is placed inside the cupboard, for instance, china ware and trophies. They also brighten up the room.
  • Bathroom doors – Bathroom glass doors are used as they are easy to clean and are not damaged by moisture.
  • Closet doors – Nowadays, home designers use sliding glass closet doors in the making of closets. Here, the outer glass of the closet door is made of reflective material that allows it to act as a mirror, which you can use for dressing.

In order to enhance the interior décor of your home or office, use interior sliding glass doors. These sliding doors are also used to allow more light into the rooms in the home or offices. In offices, frosted glass is appropriate as it provides privacy while allowing light to pass through.

Common Designs and Advantages

There are three common designs of these sliding glass doors. These are:

  • Disappearing – This glass door has pockets where all the glass panels can be drawn into thus giving the impression of glass having disappeared.
  • Traditional – The traditional design consists of two panels where one panel is fixed and the other panel movable. The movable panel usually opens towards the fixed panel.
  • Trackless and Disappearing Glass panels of this door are suspended from above and when open, the panels disappear into the pockets.

contemporary exterior sliding glass doors

If your sliding glass door leaves some space at the bottom when closed, use a door sweep in order to prevent insects, dirt, rain water and cold air from entering. These are made of rubber or plastic. The following are the advantages of sliding glass doors.

  • allow more light to enter
  • easy to clean
  • give an impression that your house is large
  • allow for great visibility thus one can keep an eye on the outside while inside the house

Its main disadvantage is that they are easy to break. Despite it being easy to break, most people still opt for the sliding glass doors due to its features.