Designer flip flops are the most comfortable footwear that has been created. It is usually made of wood, plastic, foam, or leather with straps that are of medium thickness. It is very light and is very easy to wear on and off. Basically, people enjoy wearing these during summer and at beach outings. But many people use it daily at home and for simple activities such as in taking some walks in the park and in buying groceries also.

bohemian style designer flip flops

There are different types of designer flip flops, and here are some of them:
* There are flip flops specifically created for women and also to men. The common type of designer flip flops for women is thongs. This type has two straps connected to the sides and at the front. It is longer than the old flip flops that was released in the market. This is for the big toe and the second toe to grab on while walking. It can be made of plastic or fabric depending on what the flip flop is entirely made of.

* Men like their feet to be comfortable no matter what activity they indulge themselves in. That is why, mens designer flip flops that are often bought by them are comfort flip flops. These are the flip flops which is arch-shaped that provides more comfort than any other types of flip flops. This type has more than a pair of straps which are wide. This is intended for lesser bending of the footwear when walking.

jelly designer flip flops for women

* Another type of designer flip flops is made of straw which straps are plastic. This is what they call Zori. This is the first of its kind. It is truly created out of straw with its straps long, thin and braided. It has thicker foot bed than thongs and is often wide in size.

* Zori is not just what attracted women. Women who like never had the height they wanted liked heels. High-heeled flip flops are those that raise the back of the foot of women. But if you really want your entire feet to be elevated, then platforms are what you are looking for. You can buy these cheap on many designer flip flops on sale. Designer flip flops with heels are the most popular style in many women. They just love heels. It makes them feel good.

On top of all these types of flip flops, the most important reminder for everyone who loves wearing flip flops is to have a very nice pedicure. You don’t want to mess up your look with dirty nails.