There are some great designer coffee tables that really would make your living room “pop”. If you are an aficionado for interesting designer coffee tables, you will want to read this article in its entirety. Let us go to for some ideas. We have the Piston round coffee table that is made of brushed stainless steel and is lacquer coated to protect the stainless steel. If your furniture lines are rather sleek and stylish, this would be a great one to start with. This matches best with black or white or grey color themes of the room.

fashionably well designed coffee table

One of the oval coffee tables at are the Karel designer coffee tables with wire like legs and a white top. This is a longer oval than regular oval shapes that are commonly encountered. If you have a long sofa or a sofa and a seat side by side, this would be the good one to have. If a sofa and a seat being side by side, these can share the same coffee table.

There are strange designer coffee tables that can be found at if you really want to make the living room go pop. This coffee table is called the Stink Tree coffee table. There are crevasses in the shape of the poisonous Chinese Sumac tree. Caveat: Don’t accidentally place a coffee or tea mug into the black tree shape. It will fall through, especially in the trunk part of the tree shape. If you want to prevent this event from happening, you could get a piece of glass cut to the measurement of the table and still enjoy the cut out area of the table without the risk of splashes and spills.

hand made oval coffee table

Now we will head to There is a designer coffee table called the Kat Designer Glass Coffee Table by Tonelli. Somehow the black glass piece of the leg reminds me of the Star Trek logo that Spock and the others may wear. The other glass part of the leg, which is frosted glass juts through the table increasing stability of the glass, rather pins down the glass top of the table. Also the frosted glass “leg” juts through the black “Star Trek leg” adding yet more stability. It really is a work of beauty.

Folding coffee tables sometimes can be TV tray tables. You can get these designer coffee tables in wood, quite often, but there are plastic ones that you can get. There is also an aluminum folding coffee table if you need to extend a coffee table, say you have many people who will come over for company in a living room and there is not enough coffee tables to go all the way around. Folding coffee tables might be an answer to this scenario.