Body pillows are mostly available in rectangular shapes and they are fairly large. The choice of covers to go with them should meet both your standards on design and comfort; this is, after all, something that could affect the quality of your sleep.

The designs of body pillow covers are highly dependent on the kind of materials that they come in. Cotton and satin ones are quite common. Suede and velvet are the more expensive choices.

Body pillow covers are the “clothes” that your body pillows wear. And just like the clothes you wear, they can get easily soiled so one should really take extra care of them. There are several designs when it comes to body pillow cover cases and many people prefer them as opposed to using shams for the pillows. However, to maintain them in top condition will not be an easy task and you may add a lot of work as opposed to using shams.

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Body Pillow Cover Designs

There are several desirable designs in which you can get your custom body pillow covers. Some of these are:

  • Quilted body pillow covers
    This is a genius design that will make the body pillows look just great and homey. You can combine two or more colors and patterned fabrics. The borders can be enhanced any way you want including putting gathers and lace at the trimmings – depending on whether you want them to appear dainty and feminine or just practical. A different color for the borders will serve to bring an enhancing effect to the design. Although initially body pillow covers appeared in only a few themes like for college and kids, now you can go all the way and put all your great decor ideas into use.
  • Zippered covers
    For sturdy and expensive materials like suede, you can have the body pillow covers zippered. This will not only make it easier to remove them when you want to wash but it can be done in a way meant to enhance the look of the pillow. The zippers do not have to work and they can just be put there for the aesthetics of it. The zipper illusion created by certain stitching techniques will also be perfect for this look. If the pillow covers are in a bright color, darker colored thread such as black and dark brown will be perfect for this look.

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Personalized pillowcases have dominated the market and everyone wants the best designs for their homes. This is not exception when it comes to body pillow covers. You can have them screen printed or graphically designed according to your taste. Others even go as detail-oriented as embroidered ones!

The best body pillow will be long enough to comfort the body and so you will need a large cover to fit it in. It is also very important to put in more intricate detail in design because it is more noticeable, so go for only the best designs and quality. You couldn’t expect a beautiful dream with a shabby looking bedmate, right?