There are several models of Delonghi espresso machines available for those who love espresso and want to make their own at home in order to enjoy this drink whenever they choose at a reasonable price. It seems like no matter which Delonghi espresso machine you choose the reviews for the machine are quite good.

To give a brief overview on Delonghi espresso machines, here are two of the best selling types of this espresso machine:

The Delonghi ec 155 Espresso Machine

 delonghi espresso machine reviews

The Delonghi ec 155 espresso machine seem to well loved by most people who purchase it. This Delong espresso machine reviews get high ratings scoring 4 out 5 stars. Most reviewers like both the quality of espresso that comes out of this machine and it’s great price as it sells for under $100.00

Features of the Delonghi ec 155 espresso machine

  • Pump driven rather than steam driven
  • Can use either pods or ground coffee
  • Swivel jet frother
  • 2 Theromostats which allows the water and the steam pressure to be controlled separately.

best delonghi espresso machine reviews

  • Reasonably priced.

Product Reviews for Delonghi ec 155 espresso machine

  • Pros: This espresso machine is attractive and takes up little space on your counter top. Reviews compliment this little machine on its great tasting espresso, its quick heat up time, and its nice, thick froth. Most people state that this machine is durable.

  • Cons: The only complaints for the delonghi ec 155 espresso machine seem to be that there is very little room under the spout only allowing you to draw 2 ounces of espresso at a time and the fact that the frothing wand is quite short as well. However, neither of these things seems to really spoil the users enjoyment of this machine or the espresso that it creates.

best delonghi ec155 espresso machine

The Delonghi Magnifica 3300 Espresso Machine

The Delonghi Magnifica 3300 espresso machine is a high end Delonghi espresso machine that is priced accordingly at around $800.00. This machine is designed for those who want a quality machine and have the money to pay for it.

Features of the Delonghi Magnifica 3300 Espresso Machine

  • Easy to use rotary push button with programmable menu.
  • A “Cappuccino system” frother than mixes milk and steam to make the perfect creamy froth.
  • A bean to brew system that grinds the beans before brewing

Product Reviews for Delonghi Magnifica 3300 Espresso Machine

  • Pros: This Delonghi espresso machine 4 out 5 stars. Most people love the espresso and the occasion cappuccino that they get from this machine and find it durable. Users also liked the easily adjustable cup size.

best delonghi magnifica 3300 espresso machine

  • Cons: While most people feel that this is an excellent machine for the price, some do feel that it could be somewhat cheaper. The biggest complaint about this machine seems to be that it can be so noisy.


For those who want to be able to make an excellent cup of espresso in their homes, an Delonghi espresso machine seems to be a good choice. Of course, since this company makes so many different espresso machines make sure to take the time to read the reviews and features so that you can choose the best machine for you and your lifestyle.