In the past years, decorative wall clocks in almost every home that you visit have similar colors and designs. This was a trend that became predictable and less fashionable as time went by. But with advancement in technology, there are now decorative wall clocks that have several styles and designs. There are wall clocks that have been refined to match different wood shades. There are also wall clocks that are made of metal, plastic and different types of composite materials. Some have inlaid colors including gold and silver on their frames.

 decorative ecru architectural wall clock

Designs of Decorative Wall Clocks

Decorative wall clocks are also called designer wall clocks. The designs of these wall clocks are very diverse. They usually take the shape of a circle but there are shape that are square, rectangle, atoms or any shape desired by the designer of the clock. The inlaid design may vary from abstract to nature. Clocks for children’s room may have bright colors and pictures of cartoon characters. An outstanding designed wall clock is the antique mantel clocks. It is made using either wood or composite materials. They have a vintage appearance while still having a sophisticated look. This is for people who love antiques.

Large decorative wall clocks come with varying designs since it has an area to accommodate many details, styles and drawings. They mostly have shapes or lines that have been embedded or carved on their body for added decoration. These clocks are for people who wanted to have bold and noticeable clocks hanging on their walls. This is also good for people who have vision problems since they could see the time better. There are also small decorative wall clocks. This type of wall clocks is commonly used by people who prefer to have miniature wall clocks. These are commonly used to accessorize small rooms because putting a large clock will create an imbalance to a particular room.

 artistic decorative wall clock

Popular Brands

Some popular brands of these decorative wall clocks include La Crosse, Infinity Instruments, Howard Miller clocks, Seth Thomas Clocks and Cooper Classics. La Crosse wall clocks have unique designs and are very affordable. On the other hand, Infinity Instruments are expensive.

If you are wondering where to find decorative wall clocks for sale, you need not to worry anymore as there are shops that give discounts and are on sale. If you go to mall stores, you will have the chance to really check if the clock is working and if there are defects. These shops also sell customized clocks that can be modified to exactly suit your requirements. Online stores are typical for persons who don’t have time to visit the malls to find the right type of wall clock. Just make sure to read the feedbacks of the previous buyers on online sites. Get those decorative wall clocks ticking in your walls!