Jigsaw puzzles are considered to be one of the best educational toys to play with. Jigsaw puzzles have been around for hundreds of years now, and even though it may not be as fancy as the modern electronic toys sold in the market today, the jigsaw puzzle is way above and better than the other toys when it comes to educational and economic value.

All parents will agree that playing daily jigsaw puzzle has a lot of benefits for toddlers, preschoolers and school-age children. This classic toy, unlike the modern hi-tech educational toys, offers a wider range of educational benefits for a fraction of the cost of other toys. Jigsaw puzzles are not only for kids, but also for adults as well. Adults who play everyday jigsaw puzzles can also reap a lot benefits from this favorite past time game.

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Playing daily jigsaw puzzle improves the hand-eye coordination of children because they have to make the pieces of the puzzle fit properly in the board. This game also develops the shape and size recognition that is very important in preparation for reading. The matching activities enhance logical thinking. The attitude of perseverance is also taught by this game because the child or anyone who plays this will have to be patient and persevere for them to be able to complete the puzzle. Having jigsaw puzzles to play daily with friends or family can improve the social skills of a person.

Although there is no limit on how many jigsaw puzzles you can solve in a day, or your child. There are several important things that you need to consider so you or your child can get all the benefits of playing jigsaw puzzles. This include the appropriateness of the puzzle to the player’s age. For children, the puzzle should be challenging but should not be too complex.

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The difficulty of daily jigsaw puzzles should match the age of the child. For children, the puzzle should have pictures on the board and pieces. The pieces should have shapes, as well as pictures that are easy to distinguish. For example, the Winnie the Pooh puzzles are a lot easier to solve compared to a jigsaw puzzle with a picture of baked beans.

The pieces should be durable if the children will play with the jigsaw puzzles everyday. This is why wooden pieces are recommended for the young children who want to play daily jigsaw puzzles. The preferred puzzles for toddlers are those with peg or knobs because these kinds of puzzles can be held easily. The shape, picture and size of the puzzle are more important rather than the number of pieces, when you’re considering buying jigsaw puzzles for your child.