A curling iron is one of the kinds of hair iron that is used in changing the structure of the hair. It makes the hair curly and creates waves with the use of heat. It is also called as a curling tong. A curling iron is considered as a girl’s best friend too. In today’s market, there are various types of curling irons varying in features like the diameter, the material used, the shape of the barrel and the type of handle.

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Curling irons with small barrels are expected to create spiral curls, which are also known as ringlets. Large barrels are responsible for giving mass to hair since they produce large curls. Aside from the size difference, these barrels also differ in shape. Their shapes could be a cylinder, a cone or a reverse cone. The materials commonly used in manufacturing a curling iron include titanium, metal and ceramic among many others.

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The handles of curling irons come in different kinds. Some handles come with a spring like the Marcel curling irons. A curling iron with spring handle is the most common and popular one since the spring allows the curling iron to work effectively. There are curling irons that require an individual to apply pressure to the clamp in order to curl the hair. On the other hand, there are also clipless curling irons that have no clamps.

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This kind of curling iron usually comes with synthetic fiber heat resistant gloves that are used as a measure to prevent burns. One variety of the curling iron is the spiral curling iron. This is alike to the regular curling iron, the only differences are:

  • the clamp of a spiral curler is significantly shorter at the base of the iron.
  • the pattern of winding spiral is casted in the barrel of the curling iron.

The following are tips on how to use a curling iron effectively.

  • Ensure that hair is dry to avoid getting limp or fried hair as your result instead of curly hair. You can use a blow drier to do the job for you. Just make sure that you have a blow dryer holder to avoid accidents.
  • Start curling from the backside of the head for medium and long hair. Start curling from the crown for short hair.
  • Curling iron should be pressed in the hair for not more than ten seconds. It should then be opened and released from the hair carefully.
  • To avoid burning your skin, slip a comb between the scalp and the curling iron.

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Now you know how to use a curling iron successfully. It is time for you to create those curls and have a striking princess look on you.