Cross pens have a history dating back to 1846. These types of pens are elegantly designed with gold and silver casings. Due to their elegancy, Cross pens are used by various prominent people such as federal officials, secretaries and also diplomats.

cross classic century ball point pens

Examples of Cross Pens

Below are some examples of Cross pens and the people who can appropriately use them.

  • Cross century classic twist action ballpen comes in handy for business purpose. This pen portrays sophistication. It has been carefully and gently designed with trims bound to leave your customers mouth agape. These types of pens serve as exemplary gifts for both customers and employees.
  • Cross Aventura ball pens have polished lacquer and beautiful finish. These pens have a shelf life of 10 to 30 years making them astounding. Engrave it with your company’s name, making this as a perfect gift for top notch clients.
  • Cross AXT twist action ball pen is commonly used by executives. They can easily be stored due to their twisting action making the probability of ink drying slim. If you want to portray a picture of professionalism in your office, you can get each of your staff this type of Cross pens as a gift.
  • Cross Calais ball pen has thick rendition. This is a perfect pen to include your company’s logo and a perfect gift to hand to your old clients.
  • Cross fountain pens are suitable for students in colleges or universities because they are durable and attractive. Every student loves attention and getting this pen automatically grants them just that.
  • A cross century classic gold ball pen has been made and designed using original gold. These are the pens used by successful companies and by people who matter in the company such as CEO’s, managers and directors.
  • Cross ink pens are more durable than the rest of cross pens because you do not necessarily have to dispose them when they run out of ink. Purchasing Cross pen refills will enable you to refill it whenever there is no ink.

luxurious cross townsend selected rolling pen

Cross pens engraved with your name are classic. This is something you would want to show-off to your friends. It gives you confidence of writing whenever an opportunity presents itself. Do not just hear about the good things about these pens. Get yourself a Cross pen and you will realize why it is popular and is the most high rated pen.