Custom made flags are very popular because buyers wanted them to fit their preferences and needs 100%. They are mainly used in advertising and can be seen just about everywhere. Today they can be seen hoisted outside buildings, houses, art galleries, garages, grand openings, and car dealerships, among others. Custom flags are very attractive and based on what you want to use them for, you can choose from different types. The custom feather flags and the inverted triangular shaped flags are the most common today. They are very functional and attractive at the same time.

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Types Of Custom Flags

  • Business Flags

If you want to spread the name of your business and attract clients but are short on space or budget, you can use custom flags. They barely need any space and are ideal for advertising.

  • Feather Flags

Feather flags are banners attached to a vertical pole. They can be used to advertise your products, business, brand, school or organization. You can have them custom made based on what you want to advertise. You can also use feather flags for public events, festive occasions and trade shows.

  • Custom Flags And Banners

It is best to have your banners customized if you are attending promotional events and trade shows. You can get a graphic designer to create a layout for your banners. You can place your logo and brand name on custom flags and banners and pick the material to use.

  • Small Flags  

If you want to go for a small flag, make sure it is efficient enough to focus on your main message. Important information such as the phone number, the website URL and your company’s name must be highlighted so people can contact you for more information if they are interested. This is great for giveaways too.

attractive feather flags

Besides advertising, custom flags serve numerous purposes. You can put up banners and flags at a party or during special occasions. You can even use it for announcements or decorate your house and garden with custom flags.

Custom flags come in various designs like checkered flags. Let your creativity juice flow and choose the design, size and colors as you wish. It is best that you come up with your own designs too. You can always take a look for companies online that offer custom flags and receive your flag right at your doorstep as ordered.