If you are thinking of the best ways of adding excitement in your home, there are various home bar designs that you could integrate into your interior design. Some people do this by including a media center right in the middle of their home bars. Others go as far as installing several TV screens to allow guests to watch a number of stations at the same time. Home bars are also great for a game room such as air hockey, table tennis table, pinball machines, dartboards and pool tables. These can be made to appear more appropriate for the place by placing different bar décor items around.

awesome commercial bar design at home

Creative Home Bar Designs

Here are some ideas for home bar designs that can transform your home into an exciting place:

  • Consider your lighting well. The right lighting is vital because it sets the mood in your bar. Proper lighting could be done through several ways and better technology allows a commercial bar lighting to be installed at only a fraction of the expense.
  • A cool trend in home bar designs is mood light panels. Such panels can simply be plugged into a power outlet and are available in different colors that can be integrated together to form a unique light source. Light panels would look great behind your bar and are useful in creating a special atmosphere.
  • Disco balls are still popular for home bar designs. Although it does not have much in terms of lighting, the disco ball does a nice job of reflecting and bouncing light off your walls.
  • Tiffany lamps that are designed with stained glass are available in the market, which could really enhance your home bar. There are tiffany lamps that are designed with liquor logos, sports emblems and other designs that would look great in home bars. Tiffany lamps are great over game tables or round tables. Such lamps can be found in home centers and gaming stores.
  • For illuminating the area above your home bar, recessed lighting is the best choice. Install dimmer switches to allow you to control your lighting. If you are going to use torch or tabletop lamps, make sure that they are incorporated with 3 way switches to allow you to dim your lights if needed.

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No matter what your taste and preference is, it is easy to create unique home bar designs that can provide you with entertainment for years. You just need to do a little research so that you can make smart choices.