Sometimes there is that someone in your life who is picky with things and difficult to please. It may be a fussy and particular friend, a colleague that you don’t know well or a younger relative. You may be struggling to choose a gift for someone who has it all. You may feel bored with perfume and chocolates.

While flowers can seem bland and impersonal, tie dye roses are top of any list of creative birthday flower ideas. These unique and beautiful creations take a timeless and beautiful classic, the rose, and give it a most unexpected twist. Sometimes called rainbow roses or happy roses these spectacular roses have their petals artificially colored in a process known as stem dying. They originally hail from the Netherlands where imaginative horticulturists created the ingenious multi-hued appearance by injecting different colored dyes into the stems of the roses in the course of the growing process. The resulting blossoms are stunning, psychedelic and unique.

creative artwork of tie dye roses

Top reasons to choose multi-colored roses:

  • If you are struggling to put your feelings into words say it with flowers. This is a wonderful quirky gift for your loved one than a bland and standard arrangement. There is no denying the appeal of romantic red roses or classy white stems but happy roses are a unique and youthful statement. It is a gift which kicks off convention in favor of innovation.
  • These stunning individually stained roses will be the center piece of any room. The eye catching color swirls will look dazzling anywhere.
  • You can be sure that the person won’t get a duplicate gift because each tie dyed blossom is absolutely unique. Each bouquet is made up of individual works of art all totally original. You can choose a color palette that reflects the person and is an exquisite masterpiece.
  • This can also be a birthday gift with a real wow factor. As creative birthday flower ideas rank this idea is on top for dramatic and eye catching bouquets. It is sure to have tongues wagging as everyone who sees this beautiful arrangement will be filled with curiosity and admiration. Spectators will wonder aloud whether they are real and how is it done. Few people are aware that rainbow roses exist.

gorgeous tie dyed birthday flowers

These beautiful happy roses will create a feeling of nostalgia for a time when we experimented with tie-dying our own t-shirts and bags. If you are looking for creative birthday flower ideas that are reminiscent of free spirited, hey days in the past you need look no further than rainbow roses. You can buy these beautiful happy roses and have them delivered right to the door of your loved one or you can also do it yourself by doing the stem dying process for flowers.