Have you ever considered purchasing candle supplies to make your own candles? If you’re the crafty type and are thinking of concocting your own scented products then this information is for you.

The cost of wholesale candle supplies is quite affordable. From paraffin wax, soy candle supplies, and/or jars you’ll see no shortage of vendors in the marketplace. Shipping the supplies right to your door is a breeze and with low minimum order thresholds (approximately $30) you can get started right away.

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Why Store Candle Supplies

But why would you even bother to store candle supplies? Is there any reason at all to enter this market?

  • Making candles for profit – You can make your own candles right at home and sell them to friends and family. Take special orders and requests to customize the experience for your clients.
  • Making candles for family keepsakes – Some families gather around during the holidays to create their own candles. They keep some and never burn them to pass them down from one generation to the next.
  • Making candles in case of emergency – If you ever have a power outage, you’ll be thankful for creating your own candles and storing them. Being prepared in the event of an emergency is smart.
  • Making candles for cost-effectiveness – When money is tight, buying wholesale candle supplies can save you a bundle. You can make them for your own enjoyment and stop paying retail prices for brand name candles.

Features to Look for When Selecting Candle Supplies

You’ll want to be aware of minimum order quantities when ordering your candle supplies. Especially if you’re shopping for discount candle making supplies, there are always terms and conditions or fine print you should read before ordering. For candles that do not burn black or create a lot of soot you should order soy candle making supplies

  • candle packaging supplies
  • variety of scents
  • jars and molds
  • suggested size of completed candle project
  • type of wick
  • dye selection
  • gift wrapping of supplies such as the one offered by the Tyler Candle company
  • perishable versus non-perishable supplies
  • pricing of materials

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It’s also important to keep safety in mind. Study the different safety precautions you should be taking to prepare a safe environment in which to make your own candles. Since you’ll be dealing with melting wax and open flames, be mindful of fire hazards and where your children are thr