Canning labels are one of the most essentials tools of a home for various reasons. In the modern world, everything is carried out in an organized way with great sophistication, including labels as one organizing system. Canning labels are available in a variety of designs that are not only attractive but are informative as well.

How labeling is done

Labeling a canned product according to the norms is very important whether at home or for the industries. The simplest way in which one can label the canned product is by writing on the lid or cover of the jar with a Sharpie. For a more professional look, stick-on-labels can be used as canning labels.

Various types of canning labels

Canning labels can be made at home although a wide variety of ready-to-use labels exist for those who label their products themselves. The main types that one can buy from the stores are the following:

adorable raspberry jam canning label sample

1. Stick-on labels that are attached either to the lid or to the body of the jar itself. Canning labels are offered on the websites also by some label designers that can be printed out and used efficiently. These are quite durable and contain the necessary information. Utilizing the accurate canning label for the product rests totally on the labeler.

2. Round canning labels can be stuck to jars and bottles that are round in shape. Various colors and designs can be used to make the round canning labels attractive with the information boldly printed to draw the attention of customers. At home, they can also be spotted out easily.

3. Custom canning labels add an extra personalized touch to the canned products. According to requirements, customization of canning labels often gives the jars, bottles or tins a special look that entices buyers. Appearance matters a lot in the business field. Products that are well labeled and carry all information are more in demand than the ordinary products that may be poorly labeled. Hence, focus should be given to canning labels before they are sent out of the manufacturers for sale. At home, beautiful canning labels give a different look to the kitchen.

4. Printable canning jar labels are very easy to use. These canning labels can be selected according to the products that have to be labeled, size of the containers and the position where they are to be stuck. Templates are available online for free so one can print out as many as required.

5. At home it is absolutely important to use the jar labels before they are tucked away for later use. Any mistake in the canning labels might be dangerous.

Important Factors to Put in Labels

All canning labels should have the following points clearly printed on them and must not be missed out under any circumstances:

  • Date of manufacture
  • Date of expiry
  • Contents
  • Weight
  • Specific details or food descriptions
  • Batch number
  • Canners or manufacturers’ names
  • Detailed address of canning station

For home canning labels, each and every label must have:

  • What the jar contains
  • Date of production and expiry

free sample canning label template

Canning labels are very important as they help to avoid the ingestion of spoiled canned foods. They can be used up according to the date of canning and those that go out of date can be disposed to avoid health hazards.