As summer comes the pools begin to open. The pools provide plenty of activity and are a good place for aerobic exercise and respite. Swimming can be one of the best exercises you can do. It doesn’t put any weight on the joints and bones, plus it strengthens the upper and lower body. It also can help with the cardiovascular conditioning and works many of the major muscle groups. But of course in order for this to happen you need to follow some pool maintenance tips. The three keys to easy pool care are sanitation, oxidation and water balance.

pool maintenance tips

To ensure a clean pool, you need to concentrate the efforts in removing unwanted dirt and foreign particles as well as adjusting the PH level in the pool water. This is something that can’t be done whenever you think about it. You need to test the water of your pool regularly so you can adjust the levels by adding chemicals. A pool maintenance program can help prevent problems with your pool and prevention is better than the cure, it’s always easier to perform maintenance than to have to repair. There are regular pool maintenance tips you can follow that will help your maintenance become easier.

The Hayward Industries

Working to keep your pool maintenance effortless for owners as well as easy, Hayward Industries has been in business for over 80 years. They keep working to create efficient and cutting edge products fabricating Totally Hayward Systems that will work well all year round. Their main goal to the public is to make things easier for them by creating such products like filters, pumps, heaters, and cleaners.

hayward pool vac

Important Things That Needs To Be Done

In the spring when you open the pool and in the fall when you close it, are the times when you have the most work to do. Here are some tips on pool maintenance tips for opening and closing a pool.

To Open:

  • Remove the cover that has been on since winter. The cover needs to be rinsed, dried and put away laying flat in a dry place.
  • Reattach the equipment back to the pool such as the pump and filter. Make sure to put the skimmer basket back for the debris won’t go into the pump.
  • Fill the pool with water up to the skimmer.
  • Test and put in chemicals, since it’s been closed it will be in need of a lot of chlorine.

To Close:

  • Clean the pool including skimming, vacuuming and putting in chemicals,
  • Remove the water down to the below the inlet jets, by back washing and draining the water.
  • Disconnect all electrical equipment removing other pieces such as the ladder. Empty the water from the filter and pump. Store in a dry warm place,
  • Put the cover on and secure it.

Speaking of easy, there is an automatic cleaner made by Hayward that is promising to be the best solution to your pool maintenance needs. The Hayward Pool Vac is a robotic vac that will help keep your pool clean. It can be a pool owner’s best friend especially if your pool gets a lot of use.