Are you looking for ways to be creative with your nails? Magnetic nail polish is a unique type of nail polish that contains small magnetic particles to create a very catchy design. The magnetic particles can be moved by small magnetic discs that comes with the package. All you need to do is to place the magnets just above your newly painted finger nails and your off to go. It can move the iron particles to create a cosmic design such as stars or glowing Saturn belts. You can do this by yourself because it is so easy to apply.

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Are There Any Magnetic Nail Polish Tips for Application?

How to use magnetic nail polish is different from your conventional nail polish because of the presence of the small magnetic particles. It is also different from chrome nail polish because chrome is too shinny and gives your nails a metallic look. Magnetic nail polish has a deep starry finish. Here is a step by step guide on how to DIY:

  • Clean your fingernails. Be sure that the sides are prettily shaped and that no cuticles are protruding on the nails.
  • Choose the color of your nail polish. Be aware that this type of nail polish is quite expensive than the others. Because of its unique iron powder content, it costs at around $15 in the US. It can be higher if you are really going for the top brands. On the other hand, some companies are making their own cheaper brand to make this kind of nail polish available for everyone.
  • Starts with the base coat. This will make your nails stronger and your nail polish lasts longer.
  • Apply first coating of your nail polish. Do not move it with magnet yet. This is a trick that you can use to create a neat appearance. This allows you minor mistakes but still get a great finished nails.
  • Prepare the magnet. Some brands come along with a magnet. They create a certain pattern like circles and stripes. You can use any magnet in your house to create a different look from what is recommended in the box.
  • Add a thick layer and quickly place the magnet over it to move the iron particles. You have to be careful not to touch the magnet on you wet fingernails. This will make the polish messy.
  • You cannot apply this type of nail polish all at once on your fingers. Finish one finger at a time. Because you have to keep the polish wet, applying to all fingers at once may cause other fingers to dry up and you cannot move the iron particles anymore.
  • The magnetic nail polish directions are the key to make different designs.
  • Never add another coat once you have moved the magnet. This will only cover your design.

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Eye-catching and enigmatic! Magnetic nail polish is one of the fashionable contemporary innovations on making your hands beautiful.