Crackle nail polish is a new design in nail fashion. It has turned a lot of heads towards its direction because of the interesting and unique look. You can be amazed on how conventional is it design which caught you in a question, “How do they do that?” The cracked effect is the most magnetizing attribute of this type of nail polish.

What is Crackle Nail Polish?

You might be always hearing that but, you cannot imagine how it look like or how is it done. Well, it is a new design on nail polish that cracks, like what the term implies. It is supper cute because of the contrast of colors especially if you combine black crackle nail polish with a right colored back ground.

popular sally hansen crackle nail polish

What Makes the Crackle Crack?

Unlike the conventional type of nail polish which finishes smooth and evenly, crackle dries on the opposite way. It finishes cracked. Manufacturers discovered a breakthrough in nail polish with ethanol. This substances in added to a regular nail polish to make an all-cracked up finish.

How Do You Apply It?

The cracked effect is what makes most of the fashion-vultures curious about. So, here’s the great revelation on how to have your nails looked cracked:

  • Clean your nails, first. Have a good manicure first. .
  • Choose a base color. This stands as the back ground of the cracks. Typically, crackle glaze nail polish goes nicely with black, gold, silver and white nail polish. Other colors may also work but, they may look candid. However, it is up to you to decide what effect do you like.
  • Dry the base coat thoroughly.
  • Apply the crackle nail polish. It will instantly show the crackle effect. If you like smaller crackle, paint thin layer. If you like to make it bigger, apply thick layer. If you like crazy crackle, apply another layer before the first crackle dries.
  • Apply the clear top coal polish. This will lock in the colors and it will last longer and smoother.

What are the Top Brands?

The top brands for this type of nail polish are:

  • OPI Crackle Nail Polish
  • Sally Hansen
  • Knockout Cosmetics Liberty nail polish
  • CoverGirl Crackle Nail Polish
  • Mia’s Secret Nail Polish

nail trend all crack up nail polish

The world of fashion is an exciting roller coaster ride. Sometimes, it commands you to dress up from scalp to toenails. Other times, dressing down is the “it” thing. No matter what crazy the highs and lows are, it always runs on top speed. Crackle nail polish is a great add on to your fashion caboodle!