Cowgirl Hats: A Different Kind Of Fashion Kick

Wearing a cowgirl hat with any outfit can give a different kind of punch on your fashion style. With its clean cut feature, you can pair it with almost all types of casual dresses. It gives a pinch of ruggedness in any dress. It also goes best with cowboy boots. A cowgirl hat can also give you much shade and comfort. It is perfect for any outdoor activity. You can wear it when you go trail walking or horseback riding.  Best of all, because of its versatility, durability and stylishness, you can easily wear a cowgirl hat from the outdoors to your western night outs!

iconic cowboy hat

Cowgirl hats bring together comfort and fashion – with a flare of the Wild West!

A little background about Cowgirls hats

The Cowgirl hat was derived from the wild wooly west. Originally, these types of hats were made for the cowboys of that era. They were very popular among the cowboys because they gave ample protection for the men who had to be out in the sun all day tending to their cattle. When women began to fight to be equal with men, they did everything to prove their point including wearing something that obviously belonged to men.

And thus the birth of the cowboy hat.

Like Eve is gotten from Adam, the cowgirl hat is gotten from cowboy hats. Its first construction took place during the 1830’s and the design has mostly remained unchanged to this very day.

But that does not mean that there are no variations to the cowgirl hat. It would be a big mistake to think fashion would never find a way to spice it up even more!

cute and trendy baby cowgirl hat

Kinds of cowgirl hats

Cowgirl hats are given new life with new looks by fashion designers. They thought that cowboy hats ought to have a little twist to be able to match different fashion clothes on women. The most common examples of these designs are:

  1. Conventional cowgirl hat. They come mostly in brown color but their shade could range from dark to light brown, almost like cream. They can be plain or, with an etched design on the sides or embroidery. There are actually two mostly used materials with the conventional cowgirl hats: felt and leather. It can come designed with rounding stitches along the sides of the hat with leather thread in a darker shade to give contrast as the design.
  2. Pink cowgirl hat. This is the perfect marriage of toughness and femininity. The color pink brings out a very girly flavor to an otherwise manly accessory. When you use it in your cowgirl hat, you get a very interesting blend of personalities – rugged and girly, giving any casual dress a giddy-yup statement. Pink cowgirl hats are not as versatile as the conventional cowgirl hats. They have to match the color of your dress.

chic pink cowgirl hat

  1. Red cowgirl hats. Red cowgirl hats are very elegant when it comes in darker shade like mahogany red. It can be made of treated leather. Mahogany-red colored cowgirl hats can be paired with a black high-low skirted dress with matching boots. It makes for a genuine wild west girl ensemble – flirty and frilly but tough enough to mean serious business. It can also be worn over casual checkered polo shirt and ripped jeans. The total rugged look brings out a cowgirl chick in every lady.
  2. Baby cowgirl hat. Because even babies need to be fashion forward, the baby cowgirl hat makes for the perfect accessory. Unlike cowgirl hats for adults, hats for babies are made with softer materials to match their delicate skin. Get your baby girl rocking Toy Story’s Cowgirl Jessie with their very own baby cowgirl hat for a baby day out or for their next costume party!
  3. Straw cowgirl hat. Straw is a much lighter material compared to leather and cloth. It can be folded for easy handling and simply place it inside your hat without worry of deforming the hat – something that would be impossible to do with leather and cloth cowboy hats. Straw cowgirl hats come in a wide range of colors. You can have as much color as you want to match any dress you choose.

simply stylish straw cowgirl hat

Making an outfit standout requires proper accessories. Cowgirl hats are good accessories that can give a different light on your dress. You can wear it in any outdoor activities. Aside from being so fashionable, it is also very comfortable. With the different kinds of cowboy hats available today, you can have as many colors as you can to match your varying mood.