Cowboy hats have been regarded as a symbol of masculinity for decades. In addition, the hats are also a vital part of American custom and heritage. Initially, it became popular in the west and was adorned by the cowboys for social events as it works in protecting them from the heat and rain. However, recently, the hats are not only considered cultural or useful but has made a big leap from being functional to fashionable. The hats are no longer restricted to shepherding sheep or outdoor activity. They have made their existence and charisma felt in today’s trendy look.

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Earlier, cowboy hats were made to endure severe weather conditions like snow, rain and heat. However, in modern times, the style, pattern and material have drastically changed. As a tribute to the present trend, they are available in various styles, designs and color. From the traditional style to the most recent, here are some of the kinds to flaunt this season.

The Legendary History

History of cowboy hats begins with John B. Stetson. In 1865, the first hat was made by him which he termed as “Boss of the Plains“. It was a beaver felt hat with a straight sided four inch crown. The brim was flat while the corners were rounded. It also included a hat band to fine-tune the head size. The Stetson cowboy hats are one of the most popular hats and is manufactured by the John B. Stetson Company.

Stunning Stetson cowboy hats

Stetson cowboy hats are now a sign of fashion, which reflects sturdiness. It has a broad flat brim with either rounded or tall crown. Moreover, they are available in a variety of shades including black, brown, and beige.

The Rich Fabric

Modern cowboy hats are either made up of fur (rabbit or beaver), straw or sometimes even leather. The straw cowboy hats are very light in weight and can withstand extreme conditions so they are very popular during the summer season. The value of these straw cowboy hats are determined by the quality of the straw and the consistency in its weaving. On the other hand, the fur cowboy hats are determined by the fur content in the hat. It is assigned by the X marking which is generally seen in the inside the crown. The more the X the better is the quality.

High Fashion straw cowboy hats

The Sturdy Pattern

  • Design: The oval of the hat can either be rounded oval or a longer oval. However, most of the hats come in the regular oval shape. The brim is mostly of two types, which is wide brim and flat brim. Besides, there are many types of crowns and creases available in both the types of hats, straw cowboy hats, as well as the fur hats.
  • Color: The common colors are white, beige, black, brown and silver, but, you can find these hats in other colors also.

Shopping For Hats

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