Anyone with a coarse hair just knows how difficult it is to look neat and elegant, and maintain that look. With Coppola keratin treatment you will always get that frizzy hair that you have always wanted. This solution works naturally by restoring depleted keratin. There are no restrictions on the use of this product since the main ingredients work in a natural way, ensuring that the Coppola keratin treatment safety is maintained.

coppola keratin treatment safety procedures

Coppola Keratin Treatment Instructions

For the Coppola keratin treatment to produce the best results, there is a laid out procedure that needs to be followed.

  • The first step involves shampooing the hair and the blow drying.
  • Application of the keratin complex treatment is done using a brush or a comb. For best results, a plastic cap is usually placed on the hair that has been set with the treatment.
  • After about half an hour, the hair is blow dried once more and flat ironed. Then the treatment is done, and the hair left straight and dry for 3 days.
  • The hair should strictly remain dry for the said 72 hours without further action.
  • In case the hair gets wet, it should be dried using the flat iron. Maintenance involves shampooing the hair and cutting it short.

Maintaining the Coppola keratin treated hair is easy as there are many keratin based products out there. For instance, you will find shampoos, moisturizing solutions, conditioners and other products that allow easy maintenance of the hair.

coppola keratin treatment best result

Benefits of using Coppola keratin treatment

Numbers do not lie; there are numerous online Coppola keratin treatment reviews from customers on their success stories with the product.

  • The first benefit is elimination of frizz and curl.
  • The hair becomes more manageable and takes less time to style.
  • Hair treatment using the Coppola keratin lasts 3-4 months, implying that it’s cheaper in the long run. The hair is hence almost maintenance free, and maintains its luster for the period.
  • The Coppola keratin treatment solutions are available online at great discounts.

Keratin hair treatment dangers

Though the keratin hair products remain largely effective, there are a few keratin hair treatment dangers associated with their constant use. The Keratin complex smoothing therapy, for instance, contains octanal that is known to be carcinogenic. The other thing is that after application, you will need to spend 72 hours without washing your hair. After washing, the straightening methods deemed effective such as Japanese Straightener are more expensive.

Nevertheless, the benefits of using the Coppola keratin treatment outweigh the dangers and are well-worth the risks. When enough caution is exercised, the treatment method is very effective and safe.