A painting can say many words without talking. It’s the true inner person of an artist that expresses his or her actual perception of the surroundings. Among some of the most talented and true expressionists known to the art world, Mark Rothko was an exceptional artist whose desire to unearth a new form of painting. He created some of the coolest paintings ever. Although his earlier art work incorporated various different styles, he later on developed abstract expressionism as his signature style giving birth to many cool abstract paintings.

mark rothko authentic painting

The flawlessness of Mark Rothko’s work can be seen in the various cool paintings he created during his art career. Born in Russia and later immigrated to the United States, Mark Rothko moved to New York during his early years where he held his first one-man art exhibition at the Contemporary Arts Gallery in the 1930’s. There, he depicted his use of rich fields of oil colors in the form of portraits and other drawings, which caught the eyes of various critics.

His earlier art work gradually matured and evolved into abstract expressionism where he used rectangular fields consisting of various colors and light. It was in 1942, when some of his famous paintings unveiled his new and distinct style of abstract painting. This style is best described by the combination of mythic form and the European styles of Surrealism art. From there on most of Mark Rothko’s paintings represented a distinct form of abstract art.

Highly known for his mature and mesmerizing depiction of rectangular fields of color, Mark Rothko has delivered a number of cool paintings among the contemporary art styles of Surrealism and abstract expressionism. These styles have gained tremendous popularity and were highly regarded by both his colleagues and various art lovers. Aimed towards sending his message and true emotions across to the viewer’s eyes, these cool paintings by Mark Rothko contain the real essence of the artist’s creativity.

vintage classic marh rothko painting

Moreover, these cool paintings also depict a wide array of human emotions in a form free from logic and character based representation. Being part of an era when abstract expressionism was barely learning to spread its wings, cool abstract paintings by Mark Rothko have an unmatched magnetic appeal towards them. Evoking a deep yet mesmerizing feeling in the onlooker’s eyes, these perceptual masterpieces have a captivating effect about them. Some of these great and time-less creations can be seen online and in various prestigious art galleries.