Time is one of the most limited resources in the world hence the need to ensure that all the time available is used effectively and productively. In order to achieve this one need to take proper care of watches at all times so as to enhance its durability and accuracy in indicating time. Discussed here are some of the basic time proven tips that can significantly enhance your time management skills as well as the lifespan of your watches.

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Tips On The Proper Care Of Watches

  • Avoid Water

This is one of the most common causes of watch malfunctions. Most people usually forget to remove their watches before going to the shower. Water tampers with some of the components that control functioning of the gadget such as the battery. Most soap has some corrosive effects on metal leading to a decline in durability of all the metal parts of the watch. If the water is not eliminated timely it may accumulate inside leading to rusting and other related complications. Note that not all watches that are categorized as water resistant can actually prevent water and other compounds such as shampoo and soap from getting to its interiors hence don’t risk.

  • Avoid Licking

This tip on proper care of watches is mostly applicable to the young generation who more often than not lick the watch just to find out if it will actually continue working. Watches are made using materials that are very sensitive to liquids whether acidic or basic. Saliva is alkaline meaning it has some properties of acid and base; it may react with some of the watch parts leading to corrosion and rusting.

  • Don’t Touch The Inner Components

Mechanical watches are usually fitted with bridges and wheels that control its functionality. Out of curiosity one may be tempted to open the gadget just to have a glimpse on how it operates. Touching the wheels or bridges may leave permanent fingerprints or rust especially if the fingers are wet or moist. It’s advisable not to open the watch unless you have sufficient knowledge and skills to solve the root cause of the problem.

  • Handling Buttons And Crown

In the past you may have seen people removing the watch crown immediately after it has been submerged in water accidentally. This is a wrong move that should be avoided at all costs because it may enhance the penetration of water into other parts of the watch. One should also avoid pulling out the buttons so as to prevent aggravating the water penetration problem.

  • Avoid Wearing It While Handling Harmful Chemicals

As mentioned earlier most watch gadgets are very sensitive to chemicals and other compounds. These chemicals may cause corrosion leading to malfunctioning and decreased durability of the watch. The proper care of watches in this scenario is to remove the watch and place it in a safe place when handling harmful chemicals.

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In order to meet the standards of proper care of watches one has to dedicate some resources to regularly cater for servicing of the gadget. Selecting a watch repair service provider is an uphill task if one doesn’t have the knowledge required. You need to ensure that the person handling the repair is accredited to provide the service so as to avoid wastage of resources on low quality services. Comparing the costs charged by different service providers can help to choose an affordable and cost effective service. Skagen Watch repair is the ultimate solution to all your watch repair needs. Proper care of watches is the sure way of enhancing functionality of the gadget as well as its durability.

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