There are different wig making tools that are available in the market. Using materials such as glueless lace wigs, you can design a wig for your own comfort. Making a wig is a task that requires skilled hands. However, if you have passion in learning artistic work, you will find it pretty an easy task to handle. The only thing it requires is to have an interest.

You can utilize the wig making tools to design a wig for your daily use. You just have to follow a number of steps and you will have a beautifully made wig. You might decide to make the theatre or film wigs. Just know these two are made in a slightly different way from most other wigs.

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Steps In Making A Theatre Or A Film Wig

  • The first step to make a theatre or a film wig is to measure the head for a wig or toupee and then transfer the measurement that you have taken to the wig block.
  • Then you have to use the cotton ribbons and nail it to the wig blocks considering the measurement that you already have.
  • The next step is to use a lace of cotton which is wet to shape it over the block of the wig. You can use a different material for the glueless lace wigs. The laces come in so many colors and sizes to suit the taste of the consumers.
  • After doing the wig foundation, use your hand or a machine to sew it.
  • Try the wig on. Just in case it does not fit properly, you can adjust it to fit well.
  • The cut off hair is first sorted in a hackle.
  • The hair will then be sorted into lengths then stored. It is highly advisable to clean it properly before using it.
  • To continue with the design, use similar two drawing mates and place your hairs between both of them and then proceed making them.
  • Ventilating needle has always been treated as an important wig making tools. Considering the needle size is a very important factor so that you are able to determine the amount of hairs that should be used in a single knot.
  • Ventilating begins at the neck. To make a loop, fold the hair from the root. Take the needle over the lace so that you are able to grab few hairs and finally pull them back through the lace.
  • Depending on the taste of the consumer, you can make either a double or a single lace using one of the important wig making tools known as a filet lace.
  • Then close the note by stretching your hair between the fingers.
  • Then tie the wig in the back ribbon and do double knots on the sides.
  • The steel springs is then sewn in to make it fit well.
  • Shape the hair style with water and leave it to dry and there you are done.

essential wig craft tools

You should consult your customer so that you can discuss with them the colors, styles, thickness as well as the curliness of the wig desired. This will make you the producer and you will have the best product for your client.