The double breasted suit is a timeless and classic piece that has continuously evolved with time. This piece can be dated back to the 1980s when it was the power suit of the time. Modern designs of this suit are a bit more complex as compared to the original designs. While in the past the double breasted suits were designed to be in loose fitting, today mens double breasted suit has a slim tailored silhouette, and their trousers have a slim cut with no plaits whatsoever, and a plain hem with no cuffs.

Distinct Feature for a Stylish Look

When it comes to the double breasted suit jacket, it stands out from all other kinds of suit jackets with its very light padding, accompanied with a high button stance. The first closable button on the jacket of a double breasted suit is roughly one and a half inches above the level of the belly button. This feature on this kind of suit jacket is quite distinctive thus making this suit stylish.

classic double- breasted dinner jacket

How To Wear Them Properly

As much as the double breasted suits are an outfit to brag about, it is very important that they are worn in the right way for that elegant and fine look. The following are some tips on how to wear a black double breasted suit:

  • Ensure that the suit you go for is your size. Too big or too small ruins the executive look this suit is supposed to give you.
  • It is advisable that you button up the suit jacket as doing this makes one look as formal as they come.
  • Go for this suit in flexible fabrics as well as colour.
  • Match this suit with a dark colored tie.

Executive Look Anytime

With double breasted suits, it s always advisable that one goes for a dark color and what defines dark more than black? A black double breasted suit is the epitome of elegance and style. As much as it has a slimming effect especially when buttoned up, this suit is appropriate for all body types as well as all skin tones. A double breasted suit is more of an official kind of suit as compared to the single breasted ones. For this reason, these suits are commonly worn to the following places:

  • business meetings
  • burials
  • work
  • weddings
  • Cocktail events and luncheons

Top Selling Designer Suit

Ermenigilldo Zegna, a popular fashion house in Italy is responsible for the manufacturing of the Zegna suits, a premier kind of suits made of the highest quality materials made into different styles and designs. This company also came up with its own unique design of the double breasted suit, and were the top sellers for some time in the whole of the United States.

undying double- breasted mens suit

Double breasted suits are bound to remain to be the timeless pieces and every man should strive to own a pair of this suit.