Compost tumbler is another type of compost bin that is used to gather domestic waste to generate organic manure. They are temporary compost storage kind of containers used to transfer the domestic waste at later stage to the main compost mass. Just like a compost pail, a compost tumbler does not only make it easier to store compost temporarily, it also ensures that it be protected from external elements and be able to mix the compost well.

original compost tumbler gear driven crank

What is a compost tumbler?

Compost tumbler is a kind of compost bins that can be twirl on ground to mix well your compost. Some of the advantages of compost tumbler are:

  • It eradicates the need of doing any strenuous job to mix compost well.
  • Instead of piling natural waste in one corner of backyard, it is better to gather natural waste in compost tumbler and place the same in discreet part of your garden.
  • Compost tumbler comes with a lid which helps in retaining moisture in hot season and keeps away rains that can make a compost heavy.
  • Compost tumbler could be easily driven to the desired area where it needs to be emptied and it even eradicates the bad smell that is usually felt in case of open air fertilizers.

Common Compost tumbler plans:

Various types of compost tumblers are available in the market. Depending upon the size, mechanism and material, their price varies. But if someone is looking for more economical compost tumbler plans, it is better to go in for homemade compost tumbler.

Some of the popular compost tumbler plans include:

1) Basic compost tumbler

It is the most fundamental form of compost tumbler made using a large plastic drum of around 50 gallon capacity with an air tight lid.

  • Make holes all over the plastic drum in order to provide better ventilation to natural manure.
  • In order to make an opening door on the drum, trace a door hatch measuring 24 inches x 15 inches.
  • Now mark holes to fit hinges and latches for the door.
  • Cut the traced door, fit the hinges and latches with bolts.

Being the basic version of compost tumbler, it does not need any stand for rolling mechanism. Simply roll the compost tumbler on the ground and that will mix the manure well.

2) Medium to large compost tumbler

Basic compose tumbler made using a large drum of capacity more than 50 gallons could be mounted on seasoned wood stand in order to rotate manually and generate more quantity of compost. This kind of compost tumbler plan is suited for more commercial uses.

multi-purpose twin home compost tumbler

Compost tumbler reviews

According to user reviews and experience, some of the most popular highly rated compost tumblers available in the market are:

  • Envirocycle backyard composter
  • Back porch compost tumbler with 150 liters capacity
  • Compact compost tumbler with 340 liters capacity and 650 liters original compost tumbler

Most gardeners prefer to install these kinds of compost tumblers in their backyards to refrain from doing any kind of strenuous labor activity. They produce great organic manure in a period of around 14-21 weeks for better nourishment of any kind of soils.