Compost is an organic free manure created from natural waste and scraps gathered from households and gardens. Compost works as a conditioner, stimulant, organic matter and natural insect killer for soil. A compost bin is a large container made out of wood, plastic or metal that can store all the types of waste meant for composting. It could be either constructed at home or can be purchased from stores selling garden equipments.

  • Composting can be done with decomposable materials that carry recyclable properties.
  • Composting is a natural process in which organic materials accumulated in compost bin get decomposed over a period of few weeks.
  • This process is activated by bacteria, fungus and small insects that breakup the materials and form new mixture which is rich in nutrients and can do wonders when added to soil. A compost bin is where all these processes can happen.

earth-friendly DIY compost stationary bin

Why do we go for compost?

Few good reasons to develop compost may include:

  • Domestic waste and garden waste make a great percentile of total waste generated. Instead of dumping those wastes in water streams or throwing them on open lands, it is better to process them to develop compost that can provide better nourishment to the soil.
  • Compost develops healthy plants and vegetation that not only can fight back pests and other plant related disease but also provides better landscaping. A compost bin on the other hand will ensure that your compost are well-kept.
  • Organic manure provides better moisture retention to soil thereby improving the vitality of both sandy and mud soils.
  • Compost is better than manmade manure and could save good amount of money spent after purchasing fertilizers from market.

homemade wooden compost bin

How to make a compost bin?

To produce compost, compost bin is required and to construct it, one can choose from several different compost bin plans, but it is advisable to go for simplest one that could be administered without much help from outside. At times people even opt for ready to use compost pail to start easy composting at home.

If you are curious on how to make a compost bin, then below are some of the most common compost bin plans and how to make them.

1) Wire mesh

Wire mesh bins are also easy to construct. With just a few materials that can be seen at home, you can easily make this type of bin without hassle.

  • All you need are galvanized chicken wire, heavy wires to tie the mesh, hardware cloth and 3-4 wooden or metal posts.
  • are also Pliers and hammers required for the construction.

2) Wooden pallets

Wooden slated boards can be used in constructing a compost bin. It works on the same fundamentals of making a wooden box. Easy and durable, this type of bin will surely do good.

  • 5 slated wooden boards, screw and other basic tools are required.
  • Four of the wooden pallets would make the structure of the bin and the fifth board will work as a lid.
  • Using wooden boards is the most easy and convenient way to make compost bin at home.

3) Hard plastic or rubber

It is another easy material that is needed for constructing a worm compost bin.

  • All you need is a large plastic or rubber made tub.
  • In order to ventilate the bin, make 1/8 inches holes, 4 inches above bottom of the bin, so that the worms do not remain at the bottom.
  • Choose a plastic tray to cover the bin so that it retains enough moisture required for degrading.