Marine varnish is a varnish that is used for protecting wood from rusting or rotting in wet environments. This varnish has oil components that help keep wood in optimum functionality. Aside from the oil components, it also has an addition of dryers and solvents which help wood to dry up fast. Marine varnish has different characteristics. Some are glossy and have different colors while others are hard and durable.

lanco marine master oil ultra spar marine varnish

Components of Marine Varnish and their Features

Below are the features and components of marine varnish.

  • A marine varnish has oil components. Oils can be derived from trees and soya. These components help ease penetration of the varnish into wood. Some manufacturers also add Petrol for this purpose. Ratio of oil to resin can be short, long and medium. Long oils take time to dry but are durable and have color retention. Medium oil gives faster drying while low oils are commonly used for primers. When a varnish is mixed with oil, solvents, dryers, resin as well ultraviolet additives, it makes the varnish the best marine varnish there is.
  • Spar marine varnish, on the other hand, uses phenolic resins. This makes it flexible and soft, enabling the wood to expand and contract without cracking or breaking. They are used for exterior purposes and they turn yellow as they age.
  • The best varnish to use for marine purpose and also household appliance is marine polyurethane varnish. This varnish is durable and hard. However, when wood contracts and expands, it is likely to break. This varnish is also very hard to apply.

rust-oleum marine gloss clear spar varnish coatings

Traditional versus Modern

There are two categories of quality marine varnish, namely, traditional spar varnish and modern hard varnish. The varnish that you use depends on the strength of the wood you are using, how versatile it is, if wood is inert and also the finish type it requires.

  • Modern finishes reduces any wear and tear but are hard to remove. In case you want to apply another coat, there are some that requires restricted temperatures when applying. This might be disadvantageous for application of a boat that is usually located outside.
  • Traditional marine varnish, on the other hand, is easy to apply but takes longer to cure. They are also easy to remove since they are just applied on top of wooden surfaces.

When applying any varnish, it is essential to use a high quality brush that has natural bristles. In order to level vanish according to all parts of wood, you should consider having a thick brush. Get your marine varnish today along with your brushes and start varnishing the wood for a glossy look.