Are you wondering how you can create a simple cowgirl outfit? Well, the cowgirl look has been and still is one of the most popular looks in costume parties and even in regular get up. This is probably due to the countryside feel and alluring look it creates. However, getting the look completely right is not as easy as it sounds. Here are five steps that you can follow in completing the cowgirl outfit.

have the best with a cowgirl outfit

Step One: The Boots

The boots are one of the most important elements in a cowgirl look. Here are some tips in selecting cowgirl boots.

  • When selecting boots, you can choose a pair of western style boots.
  • If you have a pair of knee high boots, they will do the job just well.
  • If you are using another type of boots, make sure you go for browns or lighter colors. These create the cowgirl illusion better than black boots.
  • In addition, try and get boots with fringes and also pointed toes if possible.

Step Two: The Pants

There are several lower garments that you could wear in order to complete a cowgirl outfit.

  • Jeans usually create the best cowgirl outfit. Get a pair of denims, the lighter the wash the better. Dirty washed jeans will actually be perfect for this outfit.
  • If you can get a little bit of tattering at the area just above the knee of the jeans, it will be perfect.
  • Skirts are also awesome when creating this look. Remember that short skirts will show off your legs and the cowgirl boots will look better with it.
  • You can also go for other colored pants and shorts to create a sexier cowgirl look.

Step Three: The Shirt

The trick here is getting the shirt that gives you the rural or countryside feel. Some of the best types of shirts that will help you achieve this include:

  • Paisley shirts
  • Plaid or checkered shirts
  • Solid white shirts

The shirt will look best if it is tied halfway up your midriff. You can complete this look with a vest too. As for the vest, you can go for materials like leather and neutral colors, unless the shirt you are wearing is white.

Step Four: The Belts

A cowgirl outfit is rarely complete without a belt. This is especially true when you are using denims as your bottom. Choose a belt with a large star. Western buckles are also ideal for this purpose. The color you go for will depend on the boots, shirt and jeans that you chose. The best materials for the belt are canvas and leather.

Step Five: The Hat

elegant cowgirl hat

The cowgirl hat is the icing of the cowgirl outfit. There are very many different types of hats to complete the look. Select a cowgirl hat that best complements the shape of your head. There are many materials that are used in making these hats. A hat made of straw looks especially charming and authentic. Select the color that best fits the rest of your cowgirl outfit.

You can finish off the cowgirl outfit with Indian jewelry and accessories in the hair also look great. As for the makeup, try to use minimal makeup to create the natural cowgirl look. With those five steps, you will have the sexiest and attractive cowgirl outfit. Complete your outfit with the clothing items mentioned and look your best in it.