Undoubtedly, artificial light is one of the best discoveries ever made by man. With these discoveries, many light bulbs have been made that are available in the market today. These bulbs come with different properties. Some of these are halogen bulbs, incandescent bulbs, fluorescent bulbs, LEDs among others. All these have different areas of application due to their different properties. The most common are the compact fluorescent light bulbs because of its energy saving properties.

A compact fluorescent light bulb is a lighting device that employs the use of a gas that produces ultraviolet light (UV) when heated. The light hits the inner walls of the bulb, which are coated with a white powder to produce light. Compact fluorescent light bulbs are rather simple devices in terms of assembly. An example of this bulb is the GU24 bulb. It is popular among households due to its durable nature an impressive cost cutting efficiency.

worlds popular compact fluorescent light bulbs


A compact bulb has certain components that ensure the working of the bulb. These components include:

  • Contact – These are the two metallic poles that come into contact with the live and neutral poles in the lamp holder.
  • Glass Tube – It is the glass enclosure that contains the inert gas used in the bulb. It also has powdered walls, which the UV light bounces on to produce the light you see.
  • Inert gas – Inert gas is responsible for producing UV light when heated.
  • Electronic ballast – This is the part where the bulb circuit is contained in.
  • Housing – The housing is the upper part of the bulb that covers the circuit.


Some of the important features that make compact fluorescent light bulbs so popular include:

  • Energy saving characteristics – Compact fluorescent light bulbs use 70 % less energy and still produce the same amount of energy as the incandescent light bulbs.
  • Durability – These bulbs are able to last up to 10 times more than the incandescent bulbs. This is with much regard to the fact that not much energy is needed to heat the inert gas within the glass bulb that produces the UV light.
  • Flexibility – The bulbs come in different shapes and sizes and can fit in just about any lamp holder.

most common high efficiency compact fluorescent light bulbs

Efforts have been made by governments in many parts of the world to phase out the use of incandescent light bulbs and adopt the use of compact fluorescent light bulbs. This is because energy cost goes up and major economies face a crisis in terms of energy, thus creating the need to campaign for the global adoption of the energy saving light bulbs. Install these bulbs and start saving energy as well as money in the long run.