A recent design trend has emerged causing contemporary bathroom designs to be quite popular. These types of bathrooms include straight lines; a modern look. You will see use of stainless features, white sinks and amenities and a clean look overall.

Popular Designs And Styles

As with any design palette, your personal preferences play a pivotal role. Try to keep a consistent look throughout the home if your bathrooms will be modern.

latest trend modern bathroom design

  • Stone Or Brick – These features offer a masculine appeal and a bit of emotionally cold appeal. The darker the stones, bricks or tiles implemented the more contemporary it will look.
  • Glass And Silver – These are accent pieces that are commonly incorporated into faucets, fixtures, and cabinetry hardware.
  • Stainless And Black – A common combination of fixtures and paint colors, the stainless and black combo look classy and modern. It’s a bonus if you can install dark colored (deep brown, almost black) hardwood flooring.
  • Eclectic Shapes/Dimensions – From ovular and frameless mirrors, to sleek-lined tubs without walls surrounding them, the more imaginative you can be the better. Contemporary bathroom designs often incorporate sizes and shapes of items unknown.
  • Sharp Lines And Minimalist Designs – The more open space and straight lines introduced to the bathroom design, the more common you’ll find it categorized as contemporary.
  • Marble – High-end bathroom designs incorporate a lot of marble countertops, floors, and bathroom sinks.
  • Travertine – A quality tile, this stone is often used in 18” diameter pieces for the flooring.
  • Stainless Accents – You will often find cabinet pulls, drawer pulls and knobs, or faucets and fixtures taking on a stainless design.
  • White Porcelain And Ceramic – White and black are the most common colors found in contemporary bathroom designs. Whitehaus sinks, white vanity cabinets, white wainscoting, and white tubs are common features.
  • Vessel Sinks – It is a common design approach to use vessel, or raised, sinks on a vanity cabinet in contemporary design. Whitehaus sinks are a perfect complement to a contemporary design.
  • Floating Or Wall-Mounted Accents – Frameless shower doors, frameless and round mirrors and wall-mounted sinks and cabinets seem to “float” often in contemporary bathrooms.
  • Non-Traditional Shapes – Part of contemporary design is applying contours and lines to the design of a room that are not normally found. Square showers, round and oval wall-mounted mirrors, and modern styled commodes top the list of amenities taking on innovative shapes.

white porcelain and ceramic bathroom

Common Items Found In Contemporary Bathroom Designs

These are the more common items that are normally found in contemporary bathroom designs though other modern types also incorporated.