Dance creates magic that even adults wanted to experience. Dance clothes will give your child this fantasy feeling while they strut their way on the dance floor.  A lot of girls dance clothes are available. All you need to do is choose the appropriate one for the occasion or theme.

Types Of Dance Clothes And How To Accessorize Them

  • Ballerina Dance Costume

Every girl dreams of wearing a pink tutu and to tip toe their every step with their ballet shoes. It is not only used for ballet recitals or school plays. It can also be worn as a Halloween costume. Leotards are used as the upper clothes. This is not special for girls. The tutu skirt is what they are after for. Its color is not limited to pink. Common colors used are white, sky blue, yellow and black. It is usually 4 layers and made from polyester tulle. It has a thick, elastic waistband. Tights or leggings are used as well to cover the legs.

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Ballet shoes will almost complete the ballerina look. Leg warmers can also be used over the tights. A ribbon bow either on her head or waist will be a great match. This is one of the girl’s dance clothes that depict elegance, discipline, strength and poise. This can be converted in to a fairy costume by just adding fairy wings. Girls simply look beautiful on it!

  • Jasmine/Belly Dancing Costume

With the sequins and varying colors this belly dancing clothes displays, your child’s movement will surely mesmerize the audience. This girls costume consists of a bra top and a long skirt, see through or not. The skirt usually has an elastic waist for comfort. The dance belt will accentuate the curve of one’s waist. This is usually made of Velcro. From top to bottom, sequins are always present. The sequins and its sparkles contribute to every movement that your child creates. This look is completed with an Arabian headpiece. Gold bangles, dangling earrings and collar or choker necklaces will also accentuate the beauty of whoever wears this belly dance clothes. Be like an Indian royalty!

  • Spanish Flamenco Dance Costume

When romance and adventure is in the air, feel the ambience with a Spanish Flamenco dance costume. The striking red and bold black colors emphasize the skin. This is usually made with red polyester for a cute look. The back portion should be made out of spandex for a comfortable fit. The skirt is layered. The waist line is accentuated by a black mesh. The dress always has a Venus cut with one shoulder being shown off while the other has a strap.

Accentuate this dance clothes with red flowers preferably at the shoulder and waist. As a headdress, wear a black or red comb with red flowers on it. Have a black fishnet stocking ready. The dance clothes will not be complete without this. Gold bangles can also add up to its elegance. For the shoes, it will always be black patent shoes. Be the prettiest senorita and dance your night away!

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  • Cheerleader Dance Costume

Get her spirit up high with a cheerleader dance costume. This dance clothes commonly has a Velcro strap in the back. For girls, white color is almost a tradition. But nowadays, white is omitted and is changed with varying shades of colors. The common type of a cheerleader skirt is pleated and has a petticoat underneath. This petticoat is usually white and elastic and gives a puffy look to the skirt.

This dance clothes will energize her much more if you pair it up with pom poms. Add up a whistle for her to exert command. Rubber shoes and a white stock is the classic pair of a cheerleader dance costume. Let her cheer and be at the top of the pyramid by the end of the day!

Whatever dance clothes for girls that you prefer, make sure that you consider its quality. When you order online, always check the reviews. When you buy in a boutique or a store, check the quality of the linens and of the totality of the product. Make sure to pair it up with matching accessories. You will not only make your child stand out but you will also boost your child’s confidence!