Perhaps amongst the most versatile kind of food in anybody’s kitchen is the ground meat. Whether it is ground beef or pork or even venison, there at least a million ground meat recipes to come up with.

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Cultures across the world have their own set of recipes to do with ground meat. This importance of ground beef in various international cuisines have led to the creation of easier and more convenient mechanisms to transform lean and fatty meat into finely ground meat – from the manual meat grinder to the more advanced electric meat grinder of today.

Most Common Types of Ground Meat Recipes

There are so many ways to use ground meat. Here are some of the most popular types of food made with ground meat:

  • Meat Sauces – Commonly used in red sauces for Italian pastas
  • Tacos – these Mexican favorites are never complete without finely ground beef to go with the sauces
  • Meat Pies – a savory ground meat recipe will never go wrong with a good pie shell
  • Burger patties – America’s favorite ground meat recipe and backyard barbecue staples, it takes some lean, mean finely ground meat to make these perfect little burger babies
  • Meatballs – just like the burger patties, meatballs are quite an impossibility without some ground meat
  • Casseroles – casserole ground meat recipes usually comes with different types of vegetables and other savory ingredients and tossed into the oven to cook
  • Dim sum and Other Chinese recipes – from the Chinese fried rice (chow mein) to their filling steamed buns and dumplings, there is always a good amount of some ground meat to some of the most popular Chinese dishes

Cooking Tips

The secret to a good ground meat recipe is one that is thoroughly cooked. Uncooked ground meat accounts for several cases of food poisoning. The biggest fault that most people make happens at the preparation and cooking stage. To avoid certain problems and eating undercooked ground meat, the following tips can be followed:

  • Put the raw ground meat in the freezer no longer than two hours after purchasing.
  • For a ground meat recipe that does not require forming the meat into patties or balls, it is best to let the meat cook in water for half an hour or so before browning it with a little oil and some spices. This will ensure that the meat is cooked well before browning. This is especially beneficial for cooking sauces where it is hard to tell if the meat has cooked under milk, crème, or tomato paste.
  • For burgers and meatballs, use a toothpick to pierce through the middle of the patty/meatball. If the toothpick comes out dry and clear of clinging meat.

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You will never run out of ideas on how to cook ground meat; as with anything, the secret to great cooking will always be using fresh ingredients, following procedures, and having huge amounts of love for food. Bon appetit!