Are you familiar with some of the most common copper containing materials? Before you identify these materials, you should first learn more about copper and its common uses.

Basically, copper is one of the best electric conductors out there. It is very malleable and soft. It usually has a pinkish shade on it. Do you have any idea about the origin of the word “copper”? The Roman people were one of the first groups of people who used copper. They were able to use mined copper that came from Cyprus. So, the word “copper” basically came from Cyprium which means “the metal from Cyprus”.

beryllium most copper containing material

Commonly Used Copper Containing Materials

Copper has a lot of uses. It has architectural, biological, electrical, transportation, and even everyday uses. This simply means that some materials that are used for such purposes are made of copper. Here are some of the most common copper containing materials:

  • Beryllium copper, brass musical instruments, cathode ray and vacuum tubes, ceramic glaze, cooling systems such as air conditioning and refrigerator systems, and copper wires
  • Electrical relays, electrical switches, electromagnets, fungicides, lightning rods, money, magnetrons in microwave ovens, nutritional supplements, pans, structures such as the Statue of Liberty, water pipe supplies and waterproof roofing materials

You might have already been aware about what these materials are used for. However, beryllium copper might sound new to you. Beryllium copper is also known as spring copper. It is basically a copper alloy that contains 0.5% to 3% beryllium. It is commonly used in creating tools for hazardous areas or environments, bullets, materials or tools that are related to aerospace, musical instruments, and devices that are used for precision measurement.

Foods as Copper Containing Materials

You should know that some of the foods that you eat contain copper. Copper is a very vital mineral that the human body requires to develop the bones and connective tissues. People who are suffering from osteoporosis, low immunity, joint pain, and anemia lack sufficient amounts of copper in their bodies. Everybody should be aware that copper has the ability to absorb iron in the body. However, copper should not be overly consumed as well. When overly consumed, it will result to short term vomiting, diarrhea, cramps, depression, hypertension, long term insomnia, senility, and schizophrenia. Your stomach needs to have the right acid content to be able to absorb copper. Antacids, such as egg proteins and milk, hinder the body’s copper absorption. You need to take moderate amounts of acids as well as antacids.

Here are some of the foods that are rich in copper content:

  • Calamari or squid, chocolate, cocoa powder, dried herbs, liver, lobster and nuts
  • Oysters, roasted pumpkin, sesame seeds, squash seeds, sun dried tomato, sunflower seeds and tahini

electrical wire most common copper containing

Clams and other mollusks contain the highest amount of copper which is around 39 milligrams. Raw meat and raw liver contain 17 milligrams of copper. Cooked meat and liver contain 17 milligrams of copper as well.

As you can see, copper is not just a simple metal. As a matter of fact, you can consider it as a giant because it has a lot of uses. It is widely used in different industries. Even foods have copper content. Explore and know more about the copper containing materials and see how important they are in your day-to-day routine and activities.